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A Tattoo Kind of Night

"They keep track of time. Sometimes things happen and you feel that you need to mark them down." - Scott O'Connor
Last night was definitely a good night for some prophetic ink with these two lifelong friends. 
We arrived at Sailor's Grave Tattoo in Benson ready to get inked. Test shots were taken while we waited.
Shelly and Sarah waited an hour before it was their turn, and during that time they googled adverse reactions to tattoos and "what if" scenarios. Needless to say they nearly walked out of the tattoo parlor multiple times.
Checking to make sure the positioning is perfect.
Nervous laughter. 

 Shelly's tattoo was inspired by something the Lord spoke to her while at a youth restoration. There was a time when they asked God friendship questions and the question she asked Him was "when you see me coming what do you think?" His answer, "she's mine."
And then it was Sarah's turn. 
We can do anything when we have Jesus in our hea…

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