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Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

I've had multiple people ask me about creative Christmas ideas. Maybe you are a parent or grandparent who want to get something your kiddo(s) will use more than once and isn't a video game or electronic. Here are a few of Carsen's favorite educational/imaginative and creative toys.

Imagination Magnets
Ages: 3 and up

I bought this for Carsen when he was about three and he still loves it. I love that it comes in a case with a latch. It makes it easy to take with us.

Imaginative play with magnetic shapes! You are all set for fun with Imagination Magnets! Your traveling case includes 42 well-crafted solid wood blocks and 50 full-colored designs to replicate. Fun themes include animals, faces, vehicles, activities, sports and structures. For added creativity the inside panels are dry-erase marker ready. Ages 3+. Educational Focus: Visual thinking skills, fine motor skills and creativity.

Ages: 3-8

Carsen was gifted Number-Bots on his fourth birthday and loves these thi…

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