Guest Post: Follow the Yes

Casey is back this week!

I love her heart and passion and desire to live life to it's fullest. Please check out her Directions post from January!

There's something about the beginning of a new year,
starting fresh, letting go of so many things
that have been weighing down the calendar,
tugging at our insides like a lost dog. 
A sense of finally being able to let go of plans that have
fallen through, promises that couldn't be kept. 

There is hope in beginnings.

The freedom of an outcome that's not pre-determined.
An optimism that seems to settle just beneath the bone.
And that's why I , like so many others, latch on to the
newness of another year.  Another chance to move beyond
failures, loss, and try getting things right.  Right?

I recently found a list I wrote of things I wanted to
accomplish in 2013.  Yes, the list I wrote about this
time a year ago.  Sadly, most of the things on the list
had not been accomplished.  So here we go again. 
Do over.  Step back.  Try again.
This time, harder.
The same list with a sense of failure attached.

But our lives are made up of more than lists. 

Life has a way of moving forward, with or without us. 
And we have to decide what's really important.  While
goals and deadlines are good things to have, so is flexibility
and being able to follow our hearts when things suddenly
change course and our passions start heading a different

Someone once told me to follow "yes."  You know,
that sense in your gut when something is pulling you in,
reawakening a part of you that has been desperate to come alive
again.  To follow our truth, even when it feels hard.  Even when it
means we have to start again.  Even when it's not on our list.

"Yes" is what will move us forward, allow us to rekindle our relationship
with our own intuition, someone easily forgotten as we immerse ourselves in the
stress of our daily lives.  But I am convinced that opening ourselves in this way, is
the only thing that can lead us to true fulfillment in our lives.

What are we really looking for?  What do we really want to achieve?
Organizing boxes of stuff we have stored in our basement or allowing ourselves to live a
deeply inspired life? 

There are so many lists holding us back, why not follow
the "yes" and see where it takes us.

About Casey:
From the time she was 9 & obsessed with writing stories on her plastic blue typewriter in Clifton, New Jersey until eventually earning a creative writing degree, Casey has always been a storyteller at heart. She is also an artist, photographer & dreamer living in Omaha, Nebraska with her son, husband, and 3 kitties. Together they laugh, create & fight crime.