A Guest Post: Directions

Happy Monday! Today I want to introduce you to my amazingly talented friend, Casey Kurz. I have known Casey since 2000, when we sat down next to each other in our work training room at Pentagon Federal Credit Union. I was a young college student trying to find myself, she was a recent college graduate hoping to someday be a full time artist. I'd like to say I found my way and she is living the dream.

Casey photographed my wedding and son's dedication to the Lord. She has walked with me through many stages of my life, watched as I came undone and then helped me stand back up.

Casey is an incredible artist, who inspires me constantly with her writing, photography, woodworking, and love of life. She is a fabulous momma to "the dude" and balances her time beautifully with her photography business. I find her work whimsical and inspiring and fun to look at!

Casey will post every fourth Monday of the month. Be checking back for her epic stories that will leaving you laughing and learning a lesson. We welcome you Casey!

I have always been a wanderer of sorts. Always searching, looking to others to show me where to go ~ point out the way on a map.

Too afraid to stop for the blinking lights or ask for help at a gas station. I usually end up on the side of some road I never intended to be on.

Lost. Out of gas. Out of sorts.

Wondering who I should call. Usually picking the wrong person. Then realizing I should have listened to the girl that was with me all along. You know, the one who saved up to pay for this car. The girl singing too loudly to her road trip mix, painfully pulling against the knots in her hair from too much sun and wind.

Who knows the way better than her, right?

But isn't this the epic struggle we all face on the broken days? Recounting our mistakes, even when the successes should matter more. The ebb and flow of this beating heart never confident enough where it's landed.

Instead of seeing the ways our beauty has flowered around us, we feel the sting of a life we could have lived, the person we could have been ~ wiser, thinner, more ambitious, more . . . insert adjective here.

But dwelling on the past won't breathe life into it. And searching in dark corners has never been the way to find the light.

The truth can't be ignored.
It won't be.

Even on the days when we forget what it means to be still. When we numb ourselves with too much television and junk food. That ache beneath our bones is always there, pulling us toward our passion. Allowing us to give and receive love. Allowing us to see the potential that still exists within us ~ even now, even after all this time, rising up in our bellies like a rolling wave that can't be denied.

Because this is where the path has been leading all along ~
pointing toward this very moment.

And although everything that's come before has mattered ~
this, right now, well, nothing matters more.

About Casey:
From the time she was 9 & obsessed with writing stories on her plastic blue typewriter in Clifton, New Jersey until eventually earning a creative writing degree, Casey has always been a storyteller at heart. She is also an artist, photographer & dreamer living in Omaha, Nebraska with her son, husband, and 3 kitties. Together they laugh, create & fight crime.