Painting Africa

So I started this blog back in, gosh... July. Kevin and I were visiting his family in Kansas City and we decided to create together. We bought three canvases, paint and brushes and came up with an Africa themed concept.

I ended up not posting it, probably because I got too busy. So here it is... nearly 8 months later.


I must admit: I got lucky.
I know every girl thinks they have the best husband, and I'm sure they do... for them.
I definitely have the best husband... for me.

Sidenote: We've been married 85 days!

I'll spare you the gushy love stuff, but let me just say Babe [aka Kevin] is ridiculously creative.
We spent all last week painting three 40inx40in canvases and Babe came A.L.I.V.E.
It was so fun to see our vision for these pieces come to life.

And the finishing products hanging on a wall:

Back to the present: If you are interested in purchasing a painting, please contact Kevin and I at All proceeds will go towards our car fund.