Car Fund

At the end of January, Kevin and I sent out an email update stating our need for a car here in South Africa.

Over the last month we've sent emails to individuals asking if they'd consider giving towards our car fund. So far we've raised $2,000 towards our goal of $6,000-$8,000.

We want to open up to our larger community, and ask if you would help us purchase a vehicle.

We Desperately Need A Car

Cape Town is a difficult place to get around and public transportation is not reliable or safe. Not having a vehicle also makes it really hard to commit to different ministry opportunities.

Kevin is trying to coach soccer for 14-15 year old teenage boys from local townships, but is unable to make most of the practices because he cannot get there. We've also been asked to get involved in a Bible study and youth mentorship in a township called Lavender Hill, but cannot commit because we have no way of getting there.

With our prenatal appointments, hospital visits, and ministry opportunities, we've been asking to borrow others' cars. We've either been late for appointments and ministry, or not able to go at all. We simply cannot commit to anything until we have a vehicle.

Cars Are Expensive

Used cars in South Africa are almost double what they cost in the states. We believe we can find a reliable vehicle here for around $6,000-$8,000. Kevin has done a bit of research, and a basic 2003 Volkswagen Golf (a pretty common car here) with 80,000-100,000 miles blue books at about $4,400 in the states, but goes for over $8,000 here in South Africa.

We Need Your Support

We are asking that you consider supporting us in getting our car here in South Africa. Any little bit will help. If 300 more people gave just $20 we'd have enough!

If you would like to give, please DONATE HERE (You will be taken to our web site secure donation page). All donations made through this site are tax deductible.

Thank you!