Portland Hospitality

Meet our Portland host family.

I met Tasha throw my friend Carolyn. Tasha is probably one of the most ridiculously generous, hospitable and kind person I have ever met. Her children follow closely in her foot steps.

Emi gave up her room to Cambria and I for a whole week. Not only that, but Tasha cleared our drawers for us to use. Something that may not seem BIG to everyone else, was HUGE to us. We didn't live out of a suitcase for a full 7 days!

Every meal was provided when we were around. Tasha shared her Vita-Mix with me one morning and allowed us to make lattes on her husband's espresso machine. Her washer and dryer were always available and all their belongings were ours for the week.

The family took Cambria and I out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, an all you can eat type restaurant and multiple trips to Trader Joe's to make sure we had enough yogurt for morning breakfast.

She even called me one day to make sure I knew the Oregon police had their radars out along the highway to their home.

She allowed her kids extra time on the Wii so we could play Mario Kart.
Please note: Kenji and I beat Cambria and Emi.

This was the first host family with kids that we stayed at along this tour. I can't tell you how refreshing it was for me. Kids remind me of my friends back home, and having them around brightens my day. I was so blessed by the talks and stories Kenji and Emi daily shared.

Dear[est] Tasha and family,
Thank you for opening your home and arms to five random girls. We felt deeply loved for seven days straight. Your generosity and kindness overwhelmed me at times.

Thank you for all the work you put in to allowing us to speak at your home school groups. You filled our schedule to the max! Thank you for caring about each one of us enough to sit down and get to know us, even if it was ever so brief.

The easy you bring to your surroundings is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I was telling Cambria today how you, Tasha, have this peace about you. This calming presence that puts me [a more tightly wound human being] at ease. I so enjoyed sitting, laughing and talking on our blanket at the bbq.

I am so honored to call you my friend now.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May He cause His face to shine upon you.
May your family experience a new depth a laughter and love.
And may He bring dreams that might have been barred to life once again.

Your family is beautiful and I am forever changed because of you all.
I love you.