It’s Not Farewell, It’s See Ya Later Alligator

I have known the Tobias family outside of the United States longer than “in person.”
And yet they are some of my closest friends. And family.

We click, each one in different ways.

Carolyn’s heart and insight.
Father Yoda’s humor and knowledge.
Alana’s prophetic voice and beauty.
Callum’s imagination and energy.
Eden’s laughter and innocence.

They are moving away.
From Omaha.
Our connecting point.

And I’m scared.
Of the possibility of never seeing them again.

Not seeing Alana crowd valedictorian at her high school graduation.
Not listening to Callum rock out on the drums.
Not watching Eden grow into her personality.
Not hearing Matt’s passion for the Kingdom and silly sarcasm.
Not talking with Carolyn about life, love and the pursuit of God’s goodness.

I secretly hoped we would someday do life together in the same city. Loving people and pursing art.


I know it’s a small world.
I am sure I will see them again.
But it’s not the same.
Nothing ever stays the same.

And I guess that is the tragedy and beauty of life.
We love.
We let in.
We risk.
We cry.
We laugh.
We seek.
We find.
We leave.
We live.
We lose.
We never forget.

Tobias Family – My family. Thank you for your commitment to seeing me come alive once again. You have challenged me more than anyone else in my life. You came along side me during a hard time and showed me there is another way. Thank you. Your children make me happy. Our shaved heads make me laugh. Matt’s drumming makes me believe. Thank you for your Kingdom perspective and Eden desires. I’m so happy to go “there” with you. I love you.

Tobias Family - The artists, creators, community seekers. Thanks for loving me from thousands of miles away. For caring and investing your life into mine. Your children's enthusiasm makes me hope. Carolyn's writing makes me patient. Matt's drumming makes me believe. Thank you for your kingdom perspective and artistic worship desires. I'm happy to go "there" with you. I love you.

Early 2011
Tobias Family – Thank you for the care, love and support you have shown to my dreams and me. Thank you for pursuing that which God called you to, even without all the details. Thank you for the example you show to me. Thank you for seeing the full story from beginning to end. For the book suggestions and talks. I leave your presence challenged every time. Thank you for introducing me to Anne of Green Gables. Thank you for your creativity and desire to see the goodness of creation seen, heard, felt, and experienced in all things. For bringing out the elegance, simplicity and beauty of this world. I am a changed person, for the better, because of your family. I am have found Jesus in a deeper way because of your family. I love art more because of your family. And I pursue His Kingdom come together with your family.

I love you five.
You will be missed.