Panda Fun

I made a two week stop in Omaha in April to visit family & friends as well as speak at a church and high school.

I love spending time with my best friend, Sarah, and her kiddos, Londyn and Burke. In November of last year, Sarah and I were on a kick to find something each kid would be attached to. ie. I sewed Londyn a rag quilt. While she likes it, our attempt at having her be attached fell a little short.

This time around Aunt Lindsay was determined to find something soft Burke would never want to let go of.

Growing up I loved my large stuffed Panda bear. I named him Ling Hsing after the two giant pandas [Ling Ling & Hsing Hsing] given to the United States as gifts by the government of China following President Richard Nixon's visit in 1972.

 I found this guy in the store and knew it was the perfect stuffed animal for Burke.

In the last month, every so often I am sent a photo of Burke with his panda and a caption.

 "da as Burke calls it."

 "Won't put him down to eat his snack :)"

"The kid loves his panda."

A few days ago I received this message: "Burke freaked out when I told him to leave panda in the car, so he brought it into bible class."



  1. success indeed! that boy loves his panda :)) what a good auntie!


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