Photo Print Give-A-Way!!!

To celebrate my upcoming trip to Indonesia that will not only reunite me with my friend Cynthia but put "The Beds I've Slept In Since Joining YWAM" count to 49 I'm hosting a Photo Print Give-A-Way.

The Inspiration:
In 2009, I joined photogenX and traveled to 13 [soon to be 14] countries. My friend, Natalia, is flying home on Tuesday, and therefore processing the last year and a half together.

This Photo Print Give-A-Way is prompted by a late night question posed to me by Natalia: "Lindsay, name one thing you have unlearned during this time in your life?"

The Rules:
1. To be considered for the Photo Print Give-A-Way Prize please post your answer to this question in a comment on this blog.
2. Contestants have until Wednesday, August 18 [my parent's 31st anniversary] to leave a comment.
3. The winner will be announced Monday, August 23.

The Prize:
While every contestant ends up winning because they've processed their last year of life, one person will receive one large photo print of their choice from this blog site.

Have fun and don't get depressed!


  1. Jessica SzczepaniakAugust 1, 2010 at 10:58 PM

    what have i unlearned in the past year?
    1. i've unlearned to take life for granted. i literally say probably two times a week "i love life so much". it is too precious, to great of a gift to let it pass by you amidst a sea of bills and clouds of worry.
    2. i've unlearned how to journal. this is something i'm working at. i used to put pen to paper every night. to unwind. to process. to remind myself who i am. who i was. who i am becoming. (i'm trying to learn this all over again.)

    (i supposed to only asked for one thing....but i figure...why not give two?)

    love you!


  2. I always thought having bugs under your skin would be terrifying, but I unlearned that - it wasn't a deal at all ;)

  3. I feel like I unlearn life on a daily basis, specific unlesson would be things personal space. I find my proximity to strangers becoming alarmingly close. I found my self pretty much spooning a man in a long hot mexican line and I didnt even care.

  4. Over the last year, I've had to unlearn more & more things I thought I knew about the poor & children living in poverty. To put in simply, I am learning that I need the poor more than they need me. I am learning that love flourishes among the humble & dependent. Their capacity to love & to be loved is their strength. Self reliance is my weakness. How ironic is that? Hoping to bring change to their lives, they bring change to us. Sounds cliche, but it's true.

  5. I have unlearned how to live in the box.

  6. I have unlearned that I have any "right" to know the answers or the timing for God's purpose for my life. The truth is, in His wisdom, I need to lean into His spirit of Patience (far greater than I can contain). Needs are great, timing seems urgent and yet my part is to obey not control. The best part...He does speak...but only when I'm not putting words in His mouth! :)

  7. As I re-read my comment allow me to elaborate what I meant to convey: What I have "UNLEARNED" is to speak less & wait upon hearing the LORD. Listening to hearing God speak and not reacting to what He speaks but asking to be "clothed in the Spirit of all truth". That has been the greatest lesson I have learned as I flipped (unlearned) what came natural to me - you can teach an obedient soldier of the Lord new methods. Submit and obey and He teaches us the BEST way. AMEN

    I have learned to give all things to the LORD --- we have two ears and one mouth ---- i've actually learned to speak less and listen more and pray through it all watching God unfold the lessons He needs ME to learn not by knee jerk responses or felt emotions but by Godly wisdom brought about by silence and prayer and being "Clothed in the Spirit of the Lord." Then He allows me to walk through it without the chaos.

    August 4, 2010 8:29 PM

  8. I have unlearned the idea that I have to protect myself. I have unlearned what it means to be guarded even when I wasn't aware that's what I was doing. Instead I have relished in seeing what it means to be comfortable, to trust and still feel safe, to completely relax, and to let my walls crumble. Freedom.

  9. I have unlearned the stress/nervousness of change. After three cities and four schools in three years it seems almost comforting to pick up and move again. :) (Although my changing surroundings ain't got nuttin' on you babe!)

  10. i have unlearned to hurt myself unnecessarily...and i have unlearned to take myself for granted..and have learned to believe in myself!!!

  11. I've stopped being desperate to know what's coming next, or needing everything to somehow make sense. I loved the LOST finale for that very reason - there were loose ends, unresolved plot points, etc., just like LIFE. Not everything fits in a nice, tidy, linear, sensical pattern & I'm learning to be okay with that...

  12. I have unlearned myself. Or rather, it is a process that started this past year. Learning to decenter (die to) myself and recenter myself in Christ, and then being able to receive others into myself. I have learned that there is no room for anyone else if my self is full of me; only when Christ is at my center and flowing through me can I see others as He sees them and then receive them into me. (Galatians 2:20)

  13. This year I have unlearned practically everything but the biggest thing is this. Self! I know it sounds weird but truly I though I knew myself and what i wanted in life but low and behold it would seem that what I thought I wanted is not what I'm doing and what I'm doing is what I am choosing so that must mean it's what I want. I guess I want inconsitency, I want adventure, I must enjoy the great unknown, my body seems to change with every baby and so I don't even know it anymore. Everything is changing all around me. Even the people I live with change every few months or so. Actually we've been in our latest place since April and that makes it the longest stretch anywhere in a long time with just me and my men. Sighh...but I'm choosing to move again come spring. Everyday I think to myself...I just want the house, the amazing organic garden, the adorable kids, the fabulous easy marriage, a studio to paint in....! But the reality is I keep intentionally making decisions which seem to negate those thoughts so I must want something more. I must want the hard road that I know deep down will continue to refine this muddled, frayed, often confused soul into something masterful.

  14. I "unlearned" using credit cards. For years I only had a Visa credit card. Then one-by-one the department store cards started adding up. A little balance here, a little balance there- all with interest.

    On a road trip this summer my roommate helped me go through & call and cancel all of them as we drove. Great feeling! Won't ever go back.

  15. i am unlearning prayer. how. why.

  16. patience.. patience for everything ^_^

  17. I feel like I'm unlearning God. Or rather, the God that I had made up in my mind. I'm learning who God really is, how he really loves, and what my response to that really should be.

    That unlearning has come in many shapes and forms, and most recently I'm understanding that I just need to listen more and slow the heck down. My relationship with God isn't always about DOING things. Spending hours upon hours praying for something doesn't do a whole lot of good if I don't stop and listen for an answer.

    When I plan out every hour of my day, I don't leave room for God to show up. I'm so busy going from point A to point B that I'm not taking time to listen to the Holy Spirit and be guided by Him. Because of this, I miss out on blessing other people and and receiving God's blessings myself.

  18. I unlearned that learning is the means to an end. Learning is the never ending end...and life is the means to it...

  19. I am unlearning how to be a friend. I'm worn out by giving and not receiving. But-feeling completely guilty if I don't give 110% to the relationship.

    This morning I had a revelation (while in the shower, of course)... I wonder if this is how Jesus feels about me. That he gives and gives, but I'm only a "friend" in return when it's convenient for me.

    I'm in the process of letting Him shake-up my definition of "loving people" and just focusing on loving Him for a while. (Does that sound selfish?)

    ***Side Note: I loved Sabina's comment! Come road trip with me... I need to do that as well!

  20. I've unlearned how to sleep a full 8 hours without waking up in the middle of the night. Sad!


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