This Is What Happens When You Sell Your Bed

I sold my bed and joined YWAM in March of 2009... Here are the results [edited March 21, 2011]:

1. Aunt and Uncle's guest bed [San Diego, California]
2. DTS bunk bed [Kona, Hawaii]
3. Relationship weekend bunk bed [Makapala, Hawaii]
4. Hostel bed [Honolulu, Hawaii]
5. Church concrete floor [Gamboa, Panama]
6. Ngobe concrete floor 1 [Panama]
7. Ngobe concrete floor 2 [Panama]
8. La Jungle Hostel bunk bed 1 [Panama City, Panama]
9. La Jungle Hostel bunk bed 2 [Panama City, Panama]
10. Hotel bed [Orlando, Florida]
11. Rondavel bed [Wocheter, South Africa]
12. Debrief bed [Paarl, South Africa]
13. Track house bunk bed [Cape Town, South Africa]
14. Cath's house [Fishoek, Cape Town, South Africa]
15. Parent's guest bed [Omaha, Nebraska]
16. Sarah's couch [Omaha, Nebraska]
17. Sarah's bed [Omaha, Nebraska]
18. Sun Hotel bed 1 [Cairo, Egypt]
19. Beit Salam [Alexandria, Egypt]
20. Sun Hotel bed 2 [Cairo, Egypt]
21. Bethlehem, Palestine bunk bed
22. Sandy's guest bed [Istanbul, Turkey]
23. Paris Hotel [Izmir, Turkey]
24. Ferry to Athens [Mediterranean Sea]
25. Backpackers Hostel bunk bed 1 [Athens, Greece]
26. Ferry to Santorini [Mediterranean Sea]
27. Katherine and John Hostel [Santorini, Greece]
28. Ferry to Athens [Mediterranean Sea]
29. Backpacker's bunk bed 2 [Athens, Greece]
30. Tiber Village Trailer [Rome, Italy]
31. Martin's sister's floor [Frankfurt, Germany]
32. Renada's House [Borken,Germany]
33. Martin and Silke's Apartment [Hamburg, Germany]
34. YWAM base bunk bed [Herrnhut, Germany]
35. Tante Giesla [Dresden, Germany]
36. Hostel bunk bed [Prague, Czech Republic]
37. Oxford Hotel bed 1 [Timisoara, Romania]
38. YWAM base bunk bed [Constanta, Romania]
39. Oxford Hotel bed 2 [Timisoara, Romania]
40. YWAM base bed [Budapest, Hungary]
41. New Delhi Airport [New Delhi, India]
42. Hotel Prime [Srinagar, Kashmir, India]
43. Incredible Home Stay [New Delhi, India]
44. Royal Calcutta Guesthouse [Kolkata, India]
45. Roof View Place bed 1[Bangkok, Thailand]
46. Sofia Garden Resort [Klong Phrao Beach, Trat, Koh Chang, Thailand]
47. Roof View Place bed 2 [Bangkok, Thailand]
48. Roof View Place bed 3 [Bangkok, Thailand]
49. Cynthia’s room [Padang, Indonesia]
50. Formula One Hotel [Jakarta, Indonesia]
51. Singapore hotel airport [Singapore]
52. Parent’s guestroom bed [Omaha, Nebraska]
53. Penington’s basement couch/bed [Omaha, Nebraska]
54. Blow up mattress at Jessica’s house [Minneapolis, Minnesota]
55. Hotel [Storm Lake, Iowa]
56. Room 89 bottom bunk [Kona, Hawaii]
57. Parent’s guestroom bed [Omaha, Nebraska]
58. Penington’s basement couch/bed [Omaha, Nebraska]
59. Room 89 bottom bunk [Kona, Hawaii]
60. Kalopa State Park bottom bunk [Hamakua Coast, Hawaii]



  1. hey my name is marisa im one of the girls doing photogenx right now, im in the philippines for outreach.. but reading through this list gets me pumped for track! hah so awesome that you kept track of everyhting, blessings to you guys are you are nearing the "end" of your journey!


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