Kansas City | Day 3

Day three in Kansas City was actually our fourth of July. We started off with half hair cuts (b/c we didn't finish), face body painting, swimming, family photos, and some epic fireworks. It was a fun time being with the cousins and family.

"A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost." ❤️ - Marion C. Garretty 

This is the third year we've taken the cousin photo and I can't believe how old everyone looks. And I will make them take this photo each year until they are 80 with zero complaining from any of them.

Face painting somehow turned into body painting. 

"The 🌍 is but a canvas for our imagination." - Henry David Thoreau 

And nail/hand painting???? 

Grimes Family 2017

It was great to have Sandra and Larry with us! 

Carsen loves his Coco 

Carsen's face is awesome 

 "It's important to remember that we all have magic inside of us." - JK Rowling

The guys bought each of the kids their own lantern. Yellow, Orange x2, Red, and Purple. We lit each one and sent them off into the night at the very end, and it was soooooo incredibly cool. 

 By far my favorite part of the night.

And as we all watched the amazing, colorful lanterns float away Carsen said, "Mom, I'm tired. Let's go inside." And that was the end of that.