Kansas City | Day 2

"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." - Elder Uchtdorf 

After a late night last night, I decided to put Carsen down at his regular 6 p.m. bed time. And while he missed some fun tonight, it will allow for him to stay up late again tomorrow, which is when we will shoot off all our fireworks - before Coco and Alistair leave on the 4th.

But tonight we had some fun with bubbles and of course we had to test a few fireworks to make sure they will work tomorrow.

As the guys set up to shoot off fireworks we heard loud banging in the breezeway. We yelled for Kevin who was over there to make sure he was okay. His response, "NO! There's a snake." All the girls ran inside (minus Katie) although every single guy wished they could have ran for cover. Y'all this snake (while we have ZERO photos) was 4 ft long and I may or may not have cussed when I peeked my head out of the side door while Jim had it pinned to the wall. For all you animal lovers out there, we did kill it. Did I mention FOUR FEET LONG? We are not exaggerating.
Thankfully we all are still alive.

 "Expecto patronum!"