Platte River State Park

Tuesday was one of those days I'll remember for life because it was just that good.

We started the day off at Platte River State Park. Y'all it's magical and we didn't even do everything. We did an easy "hike" to the picturesque Stone Creek Falls. Now let's get real honest. This was nothing like the hike I did to Hi'ilawe Falls on the big island of Hawaii. But for Carsen first hiking adventure, it was perfect.

Carsen absolutely had a blast. My normally careful, clean kid embraced the outdoors like I've never seen. He stomped and splashed through the creek leading to the falls with gusto. My heart was literally bursting and I could not stop smiling. There is simply something otherworldly about watching your kid grow as a person. Since turning for it's as if Carsen is more sure of himself. It truly is a wonder to watch.

There were a couple of bridges along the hike that made the trek feel extra special.

Totally excited about the falls! 

Carsen was not hesitant to touch the falling water. 

"A man love his sweetheart the most, hi wife the best, but his mother the longest."
- an old Irish Proverb

I would have worn different shoes. Next time I will wear my Vibram FiveFingers - best hiking shoes ever IMO. Carsen wore water shoes from Target that worked perfectly for him.

Loved exploring nature with my boy. 

As we walked back to our car from our hike to the falls, we came across this very pregnant woman and her mom. They were taking some maternity shots with a point and shoot. I asked if I could take a couple and they excitedly said yes. I wish I could have walked around with them to take more because this type of thing is my jam. Well this and actual birthing photography.
I remember a random photographer snapping a few photos of Kevin and I on the beach at our wedding. He asked for our email and sent us one. It was so kind and thoughtful. It’s a joy to “pass it on” if you will to this new momma. 

 We then jumped in our car and headed to Owen landing. This cute lakeside space is beautiful. There was a place to rent paddle boats - $8 for 30 minutes. There is a sidewalk that run around half the lake that is perfect for kids with bikes and scooters (there was hardly anyone there on Tuesday). Kids can fish for free and there is a nice small waterfall that runs into the lake with two different spots to view.

 We packed a picnic and ate in the cute wooden space on the lake.

A short walk from the pool (which opens at 1 p.m. and looks amazing) was a four level tower. Now I'm not sure if this is the only town in the park but it definitely a great small tower. It was four levels and not too high to be windy (our day was absolutely perfect).

"The time you spend just playing with your kids is never ever wasted." - Tiffany Gray

We've really milked our Nebraska State Park pass already. The more I research about this landlocked state the more I realize there is to see and do. It's not as boring as I once remember and I'm bound and determined to show Carsen a good time.