Indian Cave State Park

“If the sky falls, hold up your hands.” ~ A Spanish Proverb

Today we ventured an hour and a half south with our cousins and Auntie Sarah to Indian Cave State Park.

Let's use the term "cave" loosely in this situation because it was not the spelunking adventure I had conjured up in my head.

The ride was long, and everyone was a bit antsy and excited to get to the cave. We were asked about 1.5 billion times if we were there yet but everyone held it together as we passed over old bridges and pretty landscape. The wait was going to be worth it we told them.

When we arrived there was no one in the booth at the entrance. But not to worry because after a few minutes we found a lady who opened the closed office and gave us a map. We were not yet nervous that the park felt a bit sparse of people at the time.

 We found a cute little picnic area that had this fun sprinkler.
Life was good.

We tried starting some fires with sticks. 

At this point everyone is super excited. The stairs up to the cave look epic with the majestic rock in the background. We have our phone flash lights so we can see in the dark cave. We are ready.

Still excited. Still don't have a clue. 

We are building it up big time. 

It's at this point I begin to realize that maybe Indian Cave, isn't exactly a cave after all. 

The moment you realize Indian Cave is simply a rock in which you view, and you are trying to keep it together and figure out how to save this 1.5 hour “adventure” from being a complete disaster.

"Look at the cool hole guys!" - Sarah
Please note the hole above Sarah's head

Yep. That's it kids. A pretty rock.

We ran across the road so the kids could throw rocks and sticks and mud into the river while we tried to regroup and save the adventure. 

"Mom, I think these are broken. I can't see anything." 

 "They work!"

Next we get back in the car and call the office to see about our other options here at Indian Cave State Park.

Sarah: "Yes, I'm wondering if we could ride the horses."
Lady in the office: *Laughs* "It's only on weekends."
Sarah: "What about the archery area. Is that open?"
Lady in the office: "It's open... If you have your own bow and arrow."

Londyn noticed a museum on the map, so I called the office to see if it was open.
While waiting, Sarah said, "You know my kids are expecting the Joslyn." To which I replied, "It's ok, Carsen is expecting dinosaur bones."

Me: "Hello, yes I'm wondering if the museum is open?"
Lady on the phone: *Laughs* "No. Just on the weekends."

We continued to drive around the state park at a whopping 5 mph, not seeing a single hiking trail. Sarah suggest the kids get out and run along side the car. This lasts for about 5 minutes.

Carsen adores his auntie Sarah. 

This woman right here is the essence of patience and grace. She mothers with such intentionality, and empathy and wisdom. I was blown away as I watched her navigate our crew. She made this trip fun simply by making the ordinary seem magical.

She let each kid stand and stick their heads through the sunroof for four minutes each.
They thought they were living it up.

This girl is beautiful, inside and out. Love you Lou. 

Tati-bug is filled with determination. She is a deep thinker and very in tune with her surroundings. 

This kid. He makes life fun. He's an old soul. To him, this day was perfect because he was with his friends. He needs nothing else.

In the end, Indian Cave State Park is not one we will return to, but we will have this memory to hold on to and laugh about. It was magic because we had each other.

If you are going to make the long journey, we suggest doing it on the weekend.
And bring your own bow and arrow.
And your own horse.
But leave your head lamp because you won't need that.

Don't say we didn't warn you.