Happy Birthday Carsen | Kid Party

If Carsen would have had his way with this birthday party his whole preschool, Sunday school and everyone else he has ever met would have been in our home. Even those he doesn't know.

The other day Carsen and I dropped his friend, Cameron, off at our neighbor Penny's house. She had two friends over (one I knew, the other I did not). He had a decent conversation with both before they began to head to their cars.

As they were leaving, Carsen had this conversation with each one:
Carsen: See that white house across the street?
Random Person: Yes
Carsen: That's mine.
Random Person: Awesome.
Carsen: Want to come over some time? My mom's number is ###-###-####
Random Person: Laughing
Carsen: My birthday party is on Saturday. Do you want to come to my party? You should come over some time.

But alas, after talking with other momma's who have gone before, Kevin and I decided on five kids ranging between one and five years of age. Thankfully we adults out numbered the kiddos and it was a success!

Oma making the rainbow fruit skewers while Carsen chows down on pineapple.
So blessed to have my mom here. She loves us in such practical ways. 

I was able to squeeze just a couple photos of our simple, yet fun set up. 

Rainbow veggie and fruit skewers (they were a success) 

Sue and her son, Marcus, stopped by to say Happy Birthday! 

About to open presents. The excitement was contagious 

Y'all if you don't have them, get them! They are numbers that transform into robots. Plus they have five symbols to build math problems.


Cars LEGOS! 

Batman LEGOS 

Kevin made Against All Grains birthday cake and it was a yummy success 

Happy Birthday dear Carsen 

Two of Carsen's best buddies 

Water balloon fight! 

 Ready, Set, Go!

Photo booth time 

The adults enjoying the photo booth