We Are Perfected Through Our Suffering

In the midst of rocking the shit out of plan B, in the midst of what feels like serious suffering the Realness of the Lord is so incredibly sweet.

- I can truly say I know His Goodness when not much else feels good.
- I know His Nearness in the midst of crushing loneliness.
- I know His Love in the mist of feeling forgotten.
- I know His Kindness in the midst of ill will and hostility.
- I know He is Enough when at times I feel like I have nothing.
- I know His Faithfulness in the midst of being let down.
- And I know His Hope in the midst of what would look hopeless.

"Your name, Your name is Victory
All praise will rise to Christ our King
Your name, Your name is Victory
All praise will rise to Christ our King

All praise will rise to Christ our King
By Your Spirit I will rise
from the ashes of defeat
The resurrected King is resurrecting me
In your name I come alive
to declare Your Victory"

Four practices to help edure the suffering:
1. Carving time in my morning to pray and read the Bible
2. Each morning Carsen and I ask the Lord to speak to us, and we wait until He does
3. Cultivating a home of gratitude by Carsen and I writing one thing we are thankful for on our white board
4. Playing worship music in our home throughout the day, even when we aren't here or in bed


  1. Hey, I don't know if you remember me, but I've followed your blog for years now. We've never met but have mutual friends via Afghanistan. Anyways, I just wanted to reach out and encourage you. As someone who has gone through quite a bit of fire, whatever you are going through, Plan B to having run out of plans, God has a plan regardless of how it seems to use it for your good & Carsen's good. Sometimes it takes time to see that and sometimes we might not see the 'why' of our suffering this side of heaven. You have great methods for staying grounded in Christ during this season and I will pray that the lessons you learn through these hardships never leave you, but that also your soul/heart will not be harmed as you walk through the fire. Bitterness from disappointment and hurt nearly took hold of my life a few different times and I am convinced that God used the prayers of many warriors to keep my heart soft and my soul tender. ((((Hugs))))


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