A Year Later - Reflecting

Dear Ty and Terri,

Some days I see your photo on my fridge and I think, oh I’ll see you both, because your absence still feels like a dream. Like you simply went on an extended vacation and I expect you both to come back any moment.

But the reality is, it’s been a year. A year since your tragic death.

It’s been difficult.
For your kids.
For your family.
For your community.
For your city.
And would you believe it, for thousands around the world?!

Your impact has stretched world wide.

Looking back on this year, the biggest thing I want you to know is how incredibly proud I am of Emily, your oldest. I have the privilege of sharing in this season of life with her as neighbors, voxing buddies and mommas working hard to raise our tiny humans well. To say I’m grateful for her life in this time is an understatement.

I am sure you saw this in Emily years before any of us did, but Emily is one dynamite communicator. Whether speaking or writing, she commands an audience with her humor, laughter and wisdom. She is filled with insight, understanding and depth far beyond her years. She has so much inside of her that NEEDS to be shared with others.

I’m pretty sure both of your mantles have fully descended on her!

Through this really hard year, she has chosen to rely on the Lord literally every step and decision of the way. It’s been beautiful to watch. Even in the dark days I have watched her choose again and again to Hope and to lift her eyes up to her Maker.

And she has kept her sense of humor, which reminds me so much of you both. There are moments when she laughs and I have to do a double take because I thought it was you, Terri. Or when I am voxing I hear you, Ty, in her jokes.

She is one of the most intentional mothers I have ever met. She loves on and speaks Life to your grandchildren every single day. She has patience and then more patience. She draws strength from the Lord (and coffee) on those days that are really hard. 

Thank you.
Thank you for raising four incredible children that will always carry you both in them. But also, each are their own person, with their own unique characteristics that will go on to change several different facets of society. You two would be so proud.

I will leave you with a song:

“It’s rising
It’s rising
It’s rising

The song of hope from us set free

Hallelujah, you’ve opened the blinded eyes to see”

All Hope is not lost.
And so we carry on.

With so much love,