Potty Training in Pictures

Carsen and I spent four days potty training.
We locked ourselves in the house and went for it.
It was all or nothing.
Go big or go home.
Throw out the diapers.
We put on the big boy undies and never looked back.

The whole process was extremely tiring for us both, but we did it!
Carsen is fully potty trained, and has stayed dried during the night.

We made an attempt one time before, but I wasn't ready.
Honestly, I think the process is more about us as parents, than our kiddos.

So this second time around, I was ready. I had extra grace, patience and understanding.
I wouldn't say it was fun the whole time, but I really enjoyed watching Carsen learn a new skill.
He's a quick study and grasped the concept quickly.

We adventured over to the grandparents on Saturday and Carsen did great.
Today I will take him on a date to Aromas in Benson and practice going potty in a public place.

It took a few times to understand the process.

And at the beginning, Carsen wasn't too excited.

But once he peed in the potty chair, he loved it!
And I kept him hydrated so he could pee often.

We went about everyday life, but in undies.
We played trains and school.
Painted and colored.
Read and ate lunch.

Always drinking our watered down juice.

When Carsen pooped for the first time in his potty, he got a scone from Aromas!

Things started getting crazy around day three :)

While we were stuck inside all day every day, we had a great time.
We moved the school room upstairs and he LOVES being in there playing all the fun puzzles, games and flashcards that we have.

Carsen putting his word puzzle together.