Quality Advent

So we aren't perfect over here at the Grimes' homestead. I'm sure you were well aware of this, but just in case you missed that, we are so far from perfect... Seriously.

Anyway, the reason I mention the above is because we missed a few days of our lovely 2015 Advent because, well, toddler tantrums and no quiet/nap time can kill a momma's soul slowly quickly.

But one thing I am learning as a mom, quality over quantity. So if we miss a few days here and there, so be it. I'm not going to fret over it!

Coloring a Christmas picture.

That "smile". I mean that's how we both felt about last week.
Thank God we spent Saturday and Sunday with Oma and Opa.

My dad has been making stollen for 35-36 years.
It's a family tradition and I love that I was there to help.

Oma reading Christmas books to Carsen.

Christmas Stollen recipe!

Taking a break to build.

The big ball of stollen getting cut into small pieces.

We got 15 stollen's out of this!

More Christmas reading!

Each stollen take 30 minutes to cook.
30 minutes x 15 stollen = ALL DAY!

Reading the Christmas story with Oma and Opa.

 Opa showing Carsen the nativity scene he carved and painted with his own hands.

My dad is so stinking talented.

He is finishing the third and last king currently.

Joseph, baby Jesus, angel and donkey all carved and painted by my dad.

Stable and star carved and painted by my dad.

Today we put together this reindeer bust we found in the Target $1 section.
(it was $3, of course)

 He loved it, and I love it!