Halloween 2015 | Train Conductor

Before Halloween I had Carsen try on his train conductor costume, to which he cried and said it was itchy and couldn't even stand to have the red bandana touching him. Needless to say, when Halloween did come around I wasn't too distraught that Carsen was in bed at 6 p.m. instead of trick or treating. After all I didn't really want to do that battle.

But a few days later I realized I did want photos of Carsen in his costume because years from now when I sit and tell Carsen how train obsessed he was at 2, I want to have a photo of him.
So I did the only thing a momma can do when she have a toddler that has an itchy costume and refuses to wear it... I bartered. I told Carsen if he wore his costume including the red bandana for a few photos, he could have a donut.

And much to the delight of us both, I got my photos and Carsen got his donut. Halloween 2015 was a success in my book!

Thank you Casey for taking a few minutes and grabbing these awesome photos.
A special shout out to Logan (aka"Dude") for helping make Carsen laugh!