Advent 2015

This is year number two for our Christmas Advent. I'm so excited because I know this year Carsen will have a better understanding and appreciate it more. Each year will get better and better. And then it probably won't. So for now I'm basking in the fact that my son loves being with me and we get to celebrate Advent together!

"The word Advent simply means 'coming' or 'arrival'. The focus of the entire season is the celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ in his First Advent, and the anticipation of the return of Christ the King in his Second Advent. Therefore, Advent is far more than marking a 2,000 year old birthday, it is celebrating the revelation of God in the incarnation whereby all of creation might be reconciled to Him. It is our hope that we encounter the real Jesus and the reign of God - His kingdom - this Christmas season... It is my prayer that this Advent season will be marked for each of us with an increased passion for Jesus and His purpose in the world." - Silas West

My prayer is that this Advent I prepared for Carsen, will begin to explain the story of Jesus, help him understand the heart of this beautiful season and to have a lot of fun doing "Christmasy" activities, no matter how simple.

Here are our 2015 Advent activities:
1. Tuesday, December 1: Decorate the house
2. Wednesday, December 2: Dance to Christmas music
3. Thursday, December 3: Color a Christmas picture
4. Friday, December, 4: Find holiday books are library
5. Saturday, December 5: Make stollen with Opa & Read the Christmas story
6. Sunday, December 6: Put together Reindeer bust
7. Monday, December 7: Decorate a gingerbread house
8. Tuesday, December 8: Make Christmas cards for family
9. Wednesday, December 9: Bake cookies for Theo & Violet
10. Thursday, December 10: Ring Salvation Army Bell with friends @ 10 a.m. at NFM
11. Friday, December 11: Dinner by candlelight
12. Saturday, December 12: Lowe’s build & grow Christmas train @ 10 a.m.
13. Sunday, December 13: Read a Christmas book
14. Monday, December 14: Make a gift for someone
15. Tuesday, December 15: Make handmade ornaments
16. Wednesday, December 16: Wrap presents
17. Thursday, December 17: Make hot chocolate
18. Friday, December 18: Roast Marsh mellows
19. Saturday, December 19: Call Nana & grandpa
20. Sunday, December 20: Watch a Christmas movie (Invite Oma & Opa over)
21. Monday, December 21: Hang paper snowflakes
22. Tuesday, December 22: Sing carols at home
23. Wednesday, December 23: Go see Christmas lights
24. Thursday, December 24: Read “The Night Before Christmas”
25. Friday, December 25: Camp around the Christmas tree

A few activities we will do if the weather allows are build a snowman and make snow angels!