Fearless Obedience in the Staying

On Friday, October 16th, 2015 - in the early evening - our realtor handed us the keys to our very first home.

While many may not consider putting roots down and buying a home brave or adventurous, this is fearless obedience for my family.

My husband has lived in 12 different states and two countries. He has lived in 15 houses and 11 apartment/townhouses/lofts in the United States. I haven’t lived in a single place for more than one year since I left my parents house in 1999. I’ve literally moved EVERY YEAR. Sometimes I’ve stayed in the same city, and just switched apartments or houses. Other times I’ve packed my bags and traveled around the world for 2 years straight. My son is 2.5 years old and has lived in five different places.

While buying a home does not have to mean PERMANENT, it definitely means more than one year (or at least I hope). We still hold everything with open arms, because God can tell us something different at any moment.

This isn’t easy for us.
This staying put business.
We’ve had moments of panic.
Should we really do this?
Fear because being rooted in a single place is so foreign to us.

But I’m excited for this next adventure.
This adventure to root ourselves in a diverse neighborhood.
To meet our neighbors.
To paint walls, and create a comfortable space for my family and friends.
To raise up a smart, compassionate, brave, and wild man of God.

For now, this is our crazy adventure.
It’s wild.
It's a risk.
It’s fearless obedience in the staying.

Our God is ever faithful whether we move in a year or two, or if we end up living in this house until I’m 85.


  1. So brave. I totally get it and God has been challenging me so much in this too. Thanks for your obedience and sharing your heart, Linds!


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