More Jesus

My toddler is also my teacher
“You see, children loved Jesus, and they knew they didn’t need to do anything special for Jesus to love the. All they needed to do was to run into his arms. And so that’s just what they did. Well, after all the laughing and games, Jesus turned to his helpers and said, ‘No matter how big you grow, never grow up so much that you lose your child’s heart; full of trust in God. Be like these children. They are the most important in my kingdom’.” - The Jesus Storybook Bible, The Friend of little Children

The other day, I was driving in the car with Carsen listening to him talk. I thought I heard “Jesus” in his many new words and so I asked, “Did you say Jesus?”

“Um, hmmmm” he replied with a smile.

Now, I’m not at the place where I do devotions with Carsen, or even read The Jesus Storybook Bible to him. If your 2 year old sits for it, that is great! Mine does not.

In the mean time, I try to look like Jesus. And when I fail in front of Carsen, I seek his forgiveness.

He loves fire trucks, police cars and ambulances because they say, “Weeee oooohhhhh, Weeee oooohhhhh”. I’ve explained that those trucks help people when they are in trouble. When we see one with their lights flashing as they drive by I tell him someone might be in trouble and we pray for anyone involved.

That is about the extent that I’ve talked to Carsen about Jesus.

I asked him if he wanted to hear a song about Jesus, to which Carsen replied, “Um, hmmmmm!” with a laugh.

I sang Jesus Loves Me and when I finished Carsen said, “More Jesus?”

So I sang it again and Carsen said, “More Jesus?”

Then I sang Jesus Loves the Little Children and Carsen said, “More Jesus?”

That is his new thing. Every so often, when we are playing Carsen will stop, look at me and ask, “More Jesus?” To which I sing.

Carsen, is challenging me with his question.
How often do I say, “More Jesus?”

I think what moves me so much is that his simple question, is all the Lord wants from us.

Do you want more of Me, Lindsay?
How much of me do you want?

Lord, I want more of you.

Thank you Carsen, for the sweet reminder to ask for “More Jesus” every day. I learn so much as I watch you grow and listen to you speak. You are my handsome toddler teacher.

And it’s the most beautiful thing.