The Christmas of the Trains

Christmas is magical with kids.
Whether your own or family, kids just may Christmas more fun.
Everyone should have a kid around at Christmas time.

This was technically Carsen's second Christmas.
His first Christmas was in South Africa, but all he did was eat his presents.

This year, while he still didn't really have a clue what was going on, we were able to experience Christmas with family. It was so much fun!

 Christmas eve Day. Little did he know this train track would nearly triple!
Got to love IKEA.

My side of the (extended) family have sung Christmas carols before opening gifts every Christmas eve for as long as I can remember. I bought my cousin a triangle to lead us as a joke. However, Carsen took the job very seriously and hit that triangle continually.

Michelle and Molly.

Mallory and my cousin Jimmy.

Serious Carsen.

Sweet Mallory.

 I think this is the famous 'O Holy Night'.
This is the song we sing poorly to wrap up the Christmas carols each year.

Carsen loved his kitchen set!
This kid knows how to imagine.

I wish I had Carsen's reaction on video (although I don't think I would have enjoyed the moment as much - so I'm glad I didn't). I carried Carsen down the stairs and the train was chugging and choo chooing around the Christmas tree. I put Carsen down on the ground and he saw it. His eyes got huge, he shouted "WOW" and ran over to the tree pointing and choo chooing. It was literally priceless. I will remember it forever.

He's spacing out here, but was in awe of the train. We set the train up in the basement and every day when my dad comes home he pulls him downstairs to start up the train.

Let's be honest, I'm not 100% sure who liked the train more.
Carsen or my dad.

Back to the IKEA track.

Again... My dad or Carsen?


There was a line to get served in Carsen's Kitchen.

No snow.

Thomas the train remote control on the hard wood.