24 Days of Christmas Kindness Advent

Advent- a season of waiting.

Technically, advent starts today, Sunday. But I'm starting Carsen's advent tomorrow.

I know Carsen will be too young to understand most of this year’s 24 Days of Christmas Kindness advent. I debateed whether or not the even start this year, because it would take a lot of organizing and me being ready to go each day. But I realized, our kiddos are never to young to watch their parents act out kindness. And I really want to establish this as a tradition for our family.

I know Kindness isn't just for the Christmas season, and we show kindness throughout the whole year, but I do want to focus on it during this time of year. Our 24 Days of Christmas Kindness is about showing kindness to ourselves, neighbors, strangers, friends & family, those with more and those with less. We want to show and be Jesus to everyone.

While this year’s advent will be life-changing for me, I cannot wait until Carsen is old enough to understand and even help pick out activities we can do during our 24 Days of Christmas Kindness.

I'll do my best to take a photo of each day... But let's be honest, I'll be lucky to be prepared for each activity the day of.

Here is our 24 Days of Christmas Kindness list:

1. Set up nativity
2. Go to the library and pick out Christmas books to read together
3. Ring Salvation Army Bells
4. Make three hot chocolate treat kits to give to a stranger, family & friend
5. Write out 20 things we love about Oma & Opa and 20 things we love about Nana and Pop and give them as a gift
6. Omaha Humane Society - bring soft dog treats, air cheese, or Ziploc freezer bags
7. Decorate a gingerbread train
8. DIY gift for swim instructor
9. Take baked goods to a neighbor
10. Serve lunch at Hope City
11. Make a list of things we are grateful for
12. Trip to Dollar Store to get coloring books, crayons, and hot wheels and take to Children’s Mercy Hospital
13. Make thank you cards to use after Christmas
14. Write thank you card and bake cookies for postman
15. Donate toys/books to a local charity
16. Make a meal for someone (a new mom, elderly couple, etc)
17. Make Christmas cards to take to the nursing home tomorrow
18. Visit nursing home
19. Write down New Year's hopes and dreams
20. KCS Holiday Express
21. Make popcorn garland
22. Write letter to someone in the service
23. Drive and look at Christmas lights
24. Make popcorn & watch Christmas movie

What are you doing for this advent time of year?


  1. I love this soooooo much.
    Wish I could have done it with you!


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