Guest Post: Contentment

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all were able to take a breather over the weekend. I know my life has been a bit hectic, and I'm looking forward to a slower pace in the future!

Layne is my ever so faithful guest blogger.  Here she is!

Lets talk about contentment.

I am such a huge fan of dreaming, of going for the gold, of fighting for all thats big in your heart.

I will never lie to you-Im an overachiever to the crusty core of me. Though I like to think of myself as a rather reformed overachiever in my older age, I will forever have the lingering bits.

My husbands brain, If we shoot 30 weddings a year, I will be happy.

My brain, If we shoot at leastwell, lets look at a number like 100. If we hire 6 people to work with us.

I want more, more, more.

Its how Im wired and thank goodness I didnt end up with the guy I pseudo dated after uni. We would have died trying to conquer the world together.

I love this about me; I will forever dream. And thank goodness for a husband who helps to keep me healthy.

But to be honest, I sometimes find the line between healthy vs. non-healthy discontentment to be a bit fuzzy.

The thing is, there is always something new and stimulating, something shiny and unreached.

And I find, that its easy to run, run, run after this mass of fleetingness and to never quite feel fulfilled, never quite happy, never quite content.

Lets be honest-its so easy in our culture to get caught up with appearances.

When is it okay to say, This is good enough, and when is that apathy?

There is always someone more cool, more talented, more successful, more popular than you, than me.

But this week, lets take a step back and just breathe. We have so much goodness in our lives already. Relationships, Faith, Hope, a roof over our heads.

This is good; this is enough. If this is the only more we get, then it is enough.

Layne lives in southern Ontario with her husband Jonathan where they have been running their media company since October 2011.

She graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in photojournalism. She interned at newspapers in Indiana and Michigan and has volunteered for PhotogenX since 2009.

Layne co-authored “Act Here. Love Now.,” a culmination of stories, photos and practical ways to impact your own community, city and world. “Act Here. Love Now.” was a finalist in the Multicultural Non-Fiction and Current Events/Social Change categories in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Their business was recently featured on Wedding Chicks, one of the premiere wedding planning sites.