Wazziwoo — A Fun, Bold, Spunky Kids Clothing & Lifestyle Line For Your Favorite Littles!

My dear[est] Blog readers,

I am so excited to tell you about a little dream of our heart that has come TRUE. Kevin and I have been drawing, dreaming, praying, and creating for a long time in order to see this come to fruition. From his design background and my own experience in photography and writing, Wazziwoo was born. Wazziwoo [which we think is unique, bright, and full of spunk] is a creative outlet we'll use to make fun, bold clothing for your favorite littles. We love the idea of dressing our own little man in clothes that have spunk and personality.

This is a new season for us. A new place and a new business venture. It's scary, exciting, but most of all -- just a new chapter in our wonderful adventure. We are thrilled to bring you our dream made tangible. In doing so, we hope you see the love, joy, and delight crafted into each unique piece.

So, we humbly ask that you help us get this venture off the ground! Here's the deal: social media and word of mouth is how we roll. We will take any plugs you'll give us, be it Instagram (@wazziwoo), Twitter (@wazziwoo), Pinterest, Likes on our Facebook page and sharing our web site on your Facebook page! And of course, outfitting your own little model in one of our shirts will be the best publicity we can get!

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