Spontaneous Playdates

On Tuesday [about a month ago now, eeek forgot to post!], Carsen and I had a spontaneous playdate with Asher & Rachel. The last time these three were all together was in their mommas' bellies during our antenatal classes. I became friends with Lauren and Catherine and have seen both separately since the littles were born. But getting all three together with nap schedules is harder than one might think.

 At nine months these kiddos mostly play by themselves with an occasional "get together" to grab each others toys, hair and clothing. Drool is always involved.

Being the oldest, Carsen is reading to Asher and Rachel.

 Bottom shot!

 Looking into the horizon together.

We mommas took turns being the entertainment and jungle gym.

Getting the kiddos ready for their "together" shot.

 Take 1

Take 2
Carsen & Rachel helping Asher stay on the couch.

Take 3
Carsen: Don't mind me, always need something in my mouth
Asher: Just chillin'
Rachel: Does my hair look ok?

Take 4

Take 5

This is probably my favorite photo because Asher is falling over and Carsen is about to fall head first off the couch. This is what it's like behind the scenes of taking photos of 9 month old babes.

Can't wait to do it again ladies!