6 Things Husbands Need to Know About Their Wives Post Childbirth

After being a momma for 10 months, I feel like I have a handle of what husbands need to know about their wives post childbirth. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts or something I missed!

1. She won't feel good enough. As a wife, as a mother, as a person. She needs to know that you believe in her. That you trust her. It's your job to remind her that she is brilliant at both.

2. She still needs to be dated. This applies to after marriage in general, but particularly after becoming a parent. She needs to get out and laugh and put the thoughts of her home aside. She needs to feel young and cherished by you.

3. She needs help. I know she may seem super human after you watched her give birth to your beautiful baby, but she's not. She needs help. She doesn't expect you to do everything, but helping here and there with the dishes, picking up the house, laundry or the kids. This is your household as well.

4. Give her a break. Literally. A couple of hours a week is all she wants. To go out with the girls or to a coffee shop to read and be alone. Don't make her ask every time if she can; offer. Ask her when she'd like to have some time for herself. Or if you can tell she is on edge and needs a break, give it to her. Even if she says “no, it’s okay I don’t need a break,” make her go out. We, mommas, all struggle with “mommy guilt.”

5. Postpartum depression can be very real. Not every momma gets it, but many do. Not every woman is able to have a baby and naturally transition to motherhood with the grace and ease of June Clever. Gently, help her get help. She needs to talk it through with a professional. And now is not the time to give up, it’s time to step up and give your best.

6. When you are home be present. Take that 30 minute break to unwind, but then jump right in. Your wife hasn't had any breaks, and while she enjoys singing "the wheels on the bus" she is craving an adult conversation.