Lindsay's Life Goal List

 I started a dream list years ago, kept it on this blog, adding items and marking items off as I did them. Recently, I just finished reading “The Circle Maker” and was challenged to edit my Dream List into my Life Goal List [same thing] and put them into categories.

While my list will continue to morph, this is my list in its entirety thus far. Like Mark Batterson said, “some goals are grandiose, while others trivial.” Some are more significant while some not as much. But they each have meaning and value to me. My goals are not listed in order of importance or priority. The goals that are italicized are the ones I’ve already accomplished.

If you have not made a list, I encourage you to first read “The Circle Maker”, then pray and ask the Lord to reveal the dreams of your heart. Write a list and start praying circles around them.

Family Goals
1.    Adopt
2.    Baptize Carsen
3.    Celebrate an anniversary at a bed & breakfast in Rhode Island
4.    Go to space camp with Carsen
5.    Zip line in Costa Rica on a family vacation
6.    Create unique traditions for each holiday
7.    Have a fantastic library to pass on to Carsen
8.    Go on a camping trip with my family
9.    Post a photo of Carsen once a week until he graduates High School
10.    Celebrate a wedding anniversary in Rome
11.    Picnic in Central Park for our 10-year wedding anniversary
12.    Take each child on a vacation when they turn 15 to a country of their choice
13.    Create a family coat of arms
14.    Create principles/values our family lives by
15.    Be there when my grandchildren are born
16.    Take Carsen to Disneyland when he turns 5
17.    Celebrate a family reunion in Florida
18.    Celebrate a family reunion in Colorado
19.    Winter vacation at a Colorado ski resort
20.    Take a family cruise
21.    Take a family vacation to Maine in the fall
22.    Dedicate my grandchildren to the Lord
23.    Build a home
24.    Co-write a book or movie script

Influence Goals
25.    Write a personal piece that gets published (2012, Daily Nonpareil)
26.    Write a speech for something/someone
27.    Open a Design/Art studio with Kevin in Cape Town
28.    Become a columnist
29.    Speak at an event hosted by the International Arts Movement
30.    Have a consistent 100 views a day when I post on my blog by the end of 2015
31.    Buy a building, renovate it and open a Creative Art center with Kevin in Cape Town that will not only have space for many different types of art but where artists can live for a few months at a time
32.    Have three interns a year at our studio
33.    Me & My Clan would have 500+ views a day
34.    Me & My Clan would partner with other organizations to create change
35.    Create a conference for artists in Cape Town
36.    Host artists’ nights in our Design511 Studio
37.    Start a mentoring group for young artists

Experiential Goals
1.    Skydive (August 2003)
2.    Bungee Jump before I’m 40
3.    Ride in a hot air balloon with Kevin before I’m 50
4.    Live in Hawaii (on and off from April 2009-December 2012)
5.    White water raft BIG rapids with Carsen in Colorado
6.    Travel to the moon
7.    Live in another country for a year (South Africa)
8.    Take a helicopter ride (Hawaii, July 2011)
9.    Get a photo published in a magazine
10.    Get a photo published in a paper (2008, Daily Nonpareil)
11.    Wine tasting with Kevin in Napa Valley (July 2012)
12.    Swim with dolphins (March 2011, Hawaii)
13.    Fly a plane (Summer 2006)
14.    See a game in every MLB stadium
15.    Watch a tennis match at the US Open in NYC with Kevin
16.    Take Carsen to a U2 concert
17.    See Bon Jovi with my mom
18.    Work in a bookstore when I’m old
19.    Work in a flower shop when I’m old
20.    See as many Broadway shows as possible: Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, Stomp, Hairspray, Wicked
21.    Take Carsen to a Broadway show
22.    Learn German well
23.    Learn how to drive a stick shift
24.    Fly first class with Kevin
25.    Ride the Concord with Kevin
26.    Learn to swing dance
27.    Work at a paper (2008-2009)
28.    See a whale (2011, Hawaii)
29.    Kayak in the ocean with Kevin (April 2012)
30.    See the green flash
31.    Drive Highway 1 (May 2011)
32.    Take a painting class
33.    Hold a panda bear before I’m 50
34.    Get a second tattoo before I’m 40
35.    Sing karaoke in front of my family
36.    Witness a solar eclipse
37.    Go rock climbing
38.    Learn to surf with Carsen
39.    See a million fireflies at once before Carsen is 10
40.    Witness a meteor shower
41.    See the Northern Lights with Carsen
42.    Host a costume party
43.    Dance in the rain with Kevin
44.    Own a pottery wheel and kiln
45.    Have a darkroom
46.    Camp out with my kids in a backyard in the states
47.    Ride a bike with Kevin in France
48.    Take up gardening
49.    Read 52 books in one year
50.    Get through the Great Gatsby
51.    Become an art collector
52.    Go on an African Safari (Summer 1999, Kenya)

Physical Goals
53.    Hike the Grand Canyon from rim to rim with Carsen
54.    Hike Lion’s Head with Carsen
55.    Hike Table Mountain
56.    Do a color run with Carsen
57.    Climb Cadillac Mountain with Kevin
58.    Get a punching bag by 2015 and start a workout routine
59.    Play tennis on a regular basis when I’m in my 40’s

Financial Goals
60.    Be debt free by 2015
61.    Live off 10% and give 90% by the time we “retire”
62.    Pay for at least ½ of our kids’ college education
63.    Have Design 511 be self sustaining
64.    Get Design 511 donations and use them for community projects

Travel Goals
65.    “Backpack” around Europe with Sarah (Spring/Summer 2005)
66.    See the “Olympic Stadium” and the Blue Mosque in Afghanistan (November 2004)
67.    Drive through the Redwoods with my family
68.    Visit Naomi in New Zealand
69.    Spend time with my Tante Giesla in Dresden Germany (April 2010)
70.    Visit Herrnhut where the 100 years of prayer started (April 2010)
71.    Touch every continent with my feet before I’m 70: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica
72.    Work in a Mother Teresa home in Kolkata, India (June 2010)
73.    Dive off the cliff from “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” in Santorini, Greece (March 2010)
74.    Visit Israel (February 2010)
75.    Drive across the United States photographing/documenting people
76.    Drink a beer with Kevin in an Irish pub in Ireland
77.    Watch the Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia with Kevin and Carsen
78.    Kiss Kevin by Victoria Falls
79.    Visit Boston
80.    Take three days to make my way through the Louvre
81.    Visit the leaning tower of Pisa with Kevin
82.    Drink a beer at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany with Kevin
83.    Watch the ball drop in Time Square on New Years Eve with my best friend (2002-2003)
84.    Sample crab cakes in Baltimore, MD with Kevin
85.    Go to Big Sur, Ca as a family
86.    Spend a week at an all inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas with Kevin


  1. Love this! About to try and get that book on my Kindle as writing one of these is something I have been dreaming of for a while. Just wanted to point out that you also rode a helicopter in South Sudan :)


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