Letter to Carsen: 8 Months and a Busy Little Man!

Happy Eight Months my boy!

Two thirds of your first year are gone! Seriously though, where did the time go?! Just this morning I woke up with your smiling face in mine [yes literally you were inches from my nose] and when you saw me wake up, you sat up straight and gave me the biggest grin. You were waiting for me. Some of my favorite times with you are in the morning.

- You are sitting up.
- You are crawling.
- You are pulling yourself up to a standing position and wanting to take steps, even without a hand [you have your mother's adventurous spirit].
- You are eating "solids" [Momma was a bit slow to get started b/c we both LOVE our nursing times together] You've had carrots, green beans, asparagus, avocado, egg yolk, sweet potato, mango, applesauce. And you've also had a combo of applesauce, chicken and sweet potato. You like it all ...but let's be honest you still love momma's milk most and ask for it often.

Momma does not know what to do. It feels like you started all of these big boy milestones all at once. I honestly feel like I need to stop and catch my breath after this month.

Other awesomeness happenings this month:
- We celebrated your very first Christmas!!!
- You look at yourself in the mirror and crack up. You love your reflection.
- Talking. You say "dada" and "momma" and jabber all day long.
- You love grabbing momma's hair.
- You still jump All.Of.The.Time.
- You went into the ocean for the first time.
- Momma and daddy also took you into our pool a few times and you love floating.
- You continue to win over EVERYONE you meet with your big smile and adorable laugh.
- There are no signs of teeth really, besides drooling.

- Your sleep has been a bit unpredictable, which is normal at your age, and the fact that you learned to do so much all at once.
- You always love to listen to music, but yesterday you saw Steve and Max play the guitar and you were hooked. You watched, tried to play yourself and danced.
- You love hearing the sound of your own voice. You often yell, and then whisper softly.
- When your daddy walks in the door you immediately light up.
- You love rough housing with daddy. The higher he throws you, the crazier he flips you THE BETTER. You share a special bond with your daddy that is incredible to watch.
- You love when daddy sits opposite of you in a room and he holds out his hands and calls you over. You crawl across the room, grabs his hands and stand up with the biggest smile on your face.

Carsen, you bring so much joy to my life. You have completely undone me. You've changed me for the best. My heart is forever yours. Know this, my son, you will never have to earn my love. I give it to you happily, willingly and with everything I have. My love for you is unending and unconditional. No matter what you do or don't do, you are always welcome in my home and in my arms. You have my forgiveness already. I say all of this now, but I will say it again and again as you grow up into a man.

I love you Carsen boy.
From one side of space to the other and back.
You have my heart kid.