Little Carsen's Holiday Gift Guide

Since Carsen is too young to get "it" when it comes to Christmas gifts, I took the liberty to give our families all clothing ideas I've eyeballed for the last several months. Most are from small businesses!

And I couldn't keep the cuteness to myself!

And while we didn't ask for everything on this list, I thought I'd throw in a few extra goodies that could be for another time.

1. Raine and Monet makes me feel young and free and imaginative! This Always Be Loud t-shirt for infants is perfect for my talkative little man. I loved this so much, we bought it for Carsen! [$13]

2. If you follow any child clothing blog or Instagram feed you've seen these moccasins. Freshly Picked is the brainchild behind these 100% genuine leather, handmade in the USA kids shoe. I picked Ebony so the hubs would like them, and it worked! [$60]

3.  This man cub and mama bear duo from Loved By Hannah and Eli is my favorite in the bunch. I won't go into it right now, but during a quiet time with the Lord, He referred to Carsen as my man cub, and so obviously I must have this! Plus the bonus mama bear contemporary fit raw edge sweatshirt; yes please! [man cub t-shirt $34, mama bear sweatshirt $55]

4. I absolutely LOVE Mini Maximus and everything they are about! Please look at these incredibly cute hit the road drop crotch pants. These are clothes candy for my eyes! Plus straight from their web site: Each season, in addition to creating our own unique Mini & Maximus designs, we collaborate with artists both young and old who inspire us. They contribute original ideas exclusively designed for Mini & Maximus, presenting you with their individual artistic approaches and points of view. Insert smiley face with heart shaped eyes please. + Made in the USA [$45]

5. While I did not put this Don't Grow Up Rib Raglan from Mini & Maximus on the original Christmas list, I would love to get this for Carsen someday. Kevin hates when I say it, but sometimes I wish Carsen would stay small forever. I just love his itty bitty chubby self! + Made in the USA [$46]

6. This adorable Kawaii Happy Rain Cloud sweatshirt from Whistle and Flute puts a smile on my face and my son's belly. [$35]

7. Who doesn't want a great pair of Hunter rain boots? These yellow Kids First Rain Boots would look great with Carsen's yellow slicker from the Gap. [$50]

8. Raine & Monet does it again with this whimsical Wild Wonder Child v-neck t-shirt (infant). And the price isn't bad either! We bought this for Carsen too! [$13]

9. Beau Hudson has the best beanies for kiddos! And I absolutely love this black and white Circus Bandit Beanie. It was a toss up between this one and a red and white Christmas special. But the hubs said I could only put one on the list. [$19.50]

10. Another great find from Mini & Maximus; this Mika Slub Tunic is pretty rad. It definitely will bring a little funk into your family's life. + Made in the USA [$40]

11. This organic infant & toddler mama cub t-shirt from Loved by Hannah and Eli brings tears to my eyes. I just love it. He will always be mama's cub to me. [$36]

12. These arrow print leggings from Salt City Emporium... I just die! I have a particular love for arrows at this point in my life. I'm not sure if it's the whole Psalm 127:4-5 deal or what. But arrows make me think of Carsen. I asked for these but now there are these arrow harem pants that I like even more. What is a momma to do? [$34]

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  1. We follow a lot of the same people on insta! I want some of those freshly picked moccs, too. Just stinks that they will outgrow them so quickly. Also found some cute $20 moccasins from J.crew baby. - Laura C


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