Letter to Carsen: Happy 6 months!

Happy 6 months bubbas!

I cannot believe you are 6 months old!
It has gone by so fast!
We've made it 1/2 way to a year, and are all thriving!

You are so much fun! I wish you could see yourself at this age. You smile and laugh all the time. You bring so much joy to everyone around you. Especially daddy and me.

People continue to stop us and talk to you. They sometimes take time to talk with us. But all they want to do is see you smile and laugh at them, which you willingly do.

One evening when we were out to eat and my friend Layne was walking around with you, a lady stopped her and blessed you in the name of Jesus. She prayed that you would be like one of David's mighty men. And that you would teleport. Yes and AMEN!

Other notables during this last month:
- You love your ergo and being close to momma.
- You are definitely attached to your momma. You sleep right up next to me. If you could be on top of me you would.
- You take over the bed and move a lot in your sleep. Your daddy and I will wake up in the middle of the night to find you sleeping between us completely sideways. Your head towards your daddy and your feet on me.
- You have this one piece of hair that is a lot longer than the rest that your daddy refuses to let me cut.
- We've ridden "African style" with you in the car. Many times. Don't judge.
- You've started to self-sooth yourself to sleep in the car seat and ergo when you're tired. You stick your fingers in your mouth and make your sleepy noises. It's ridiculously cute and another reminder that you are growing up.
- You are a professional at rolling over to your right. Not so much to your left.
- You love sitting outside on our laps and watching people and cars pass. You find the world around you so interesting.
- You are starting to talk to us, even if we can't understand. You sound like you are really trying to communicate something.
- You put your feet in the sand twice and loved it!
- I am pretty sure you continue to teeth.

**In the last few days your daddy and I have been praying over you and our family as you fall asleep. You don't seem to mind us whispering as you go to bed, because daddy rubs your back as I nurse you. It's probably my most precious times with both of you together.

Carsen, I write to you only snapshots. No matter how much I try to capture and write, it will never be enough. Words will never be able to describe the way I feel when I watch you laugh hysterically at your daddy as he flips you upside down. Words can't begin to capture the bond you and I share; there is nothing like a mother/son bond. Nothing I could write will ever bring me back to here and now. Our lives together at the beginning. In our tiny one bedroom apartment in this little surfer's corner called Muizenberg, where you were born. The home we first brought you into, where we spent our first night as a family of three. There is something so special about these moments that no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to fully convey these early days and months. But no matter, they will forever be etched into my heart. Your toothless smile and contagious laugh, your chubby thighs where daddy has come to find you are ticklish, your wrist rolls, your love for all things lion, your pterodactyl sounds when you get really excited, or the way you hold onto my finger while you nurse.

And while I will miss this baby stage with you so much, I look forward to the future, where you will be a little active 3 year old running around outside and climbing trees. I look forward to you exploring the outdoors and bringing home frogs and bugs and [Lord help me] snakes to show off. Or when you lose your first tooth and start your first day of school. I look forward to watching you find something you are passionate about and pursue it with all you have. I look forward to our dates together, where daddy will teach you how to be a gentleman and how to treat a lady [and I'll teach you how a lady should treat you].

Just the other day, your daddy and I were awake in bed at 6 a.m. You lay peacefully sleeping between us and we whispered to each other how we were the luckiest people in the world. To have each other and to have you.

I'm so glad you are mine.

Happy first half of your first year of life.