Happy 6 Months | A Mini Photo Shoot

I was a bit emotional when Carsen turned six months on Monday. Happy, excited, nostalgic, etc. I just couldn't believe MY baby, the one that came out of me was already six months. My friends' kids are all growing up and that seems normal. But mine?

The little guy from this photo:

Is now this big kid:

It was Monday afternoon, and we were waiting for daddy to get out of his meeting. I [momma] was having a blast with Carsen singing and laughing. And all of a sudden, I just wanted to celebrate this little man. I had to make a party hat, and put up a party banner. So I walked over to the print shop and printed out a party hat template and made this simple 6 month party hat. Kevin says it looks like the Lemur king's hat in Madagascar. Let's just say Carsen likes to "move it, move it" too!

I flew solo on this photo shoot being that I was a bit antsy to do it. I might have waited knowing then what I know now! But hey, waiting is a hard concept for an Activator like me.

Getting Carsen's party hat to stay on his head without him pulling on the string required me to finally put the string behind his head! And to keep his hands busy, I gave him Sophie la Giraffe. Which we renamed Millard la Giraffe and will hence forward be called as such.

Carsen isn't quit sitting up on his own so it was a mad dash to get his hat on his head, and in a sitting position before I ran back to my camera to focus and snap a few shots. Honestly though, Carsen is such a smiley happy baby [maybe a bit of a ham in front of the camera] that it wasn't too hard.

Although by the end I was a sweaty mess.


Check out next week's You Are My Wild to see what happened to the party hat in the end!