Letter To Carsen: Month 4 | Day 124

Happy four months bubbalicious!

I cannot believe its been four months! Time flies when your having fun and not getting as much sleep as before. Sometimes I can't believe you've been on this earth for such a short of time because it is so right that you are here, a part of our little tribe.

You are a constant joy to your daddy and me!
Your laugh is the most beautiful sound to my ears.
And you are the most handsome baby around.

As you grow, so does my love for you bubbas.
You are over 14.4 lbs; healthy and extremely happy.

We head back to KC today to spend the rest of our time in the states with the Grimes family. This is your second birthday month traveling on a plane [2nd & 4th].

Our little family has had quite the month traveling to Denver for Cambria and Max's epic wedding, where you met many of our YWAM friends. We then flew down to Albuquerque to spend 11 days with the Tobias tribe. This family loved on you each and every day. Mommy and daddy also went on their first date since you were born. We realize how important it is for us to keep time together sacred so we can keep a healthy marriage and be better parents for you.

Your personality is really awesome and you are loved by all who meet you.
You let anyone hold you, smile at everyone and talk non stop.
You kick and flail your arms ALL DAY LONG.

You are beginning to get distracted when nursing. You will pull away and look around, coo and auh and then look at me and give me your biggest toothless smile. Melt my heart. You have almost outgrown your boppy pillow that you sleep on at night. On to the co-sleeper we go. Each morning we bring you into bed with us to cuddle and get a few more minutes of sleep!

YOU'VE STARTED ROLLING OVER from your tummy to back! I am one proud momma and a little scared at how fast you are becoming mobile. You are definitely a mover and I'm already mentally preparing for when you start to crawl and walk. 

You are starting to play with toys more and you LOVE #thelion rattle. It's your all time favorite and you belly laugh when someone holds it up and shakes it.

Carsen, you make this world a better place. You light up a room when you enter. This is not an exaggeration, whenever people see you they instantly brighten up. You have this joy about you and I already see people being attracted to you. And I pray your outgoing, lovable personality will not only draw others to you, but draw them deeper to the man Jesus.

You're My Heart Kid.
And I love you from one side of space to the the other and back.