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Parenting, particularly motherhood, is life's greatest lesson in selflessness.

Selfless: concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own.

Since having Carsen:
  • My body is not my own
  • My time is not my own
  • My thoughts are not my own
Before Carsen was born, I cried about how I didn't want to put my dreams and what I was "called to" on the back burner.
And then Carsen was born.
And everything changed.
I saw him for the first time and completely lost it.
My dreams and what I was "called to" didn't matter anymore because in that single moment, I was called to be Carsen's momma. Period. The end.

It no longer was about my needs and wants, but his.
It doesn't matter if I'm tired, if he needs to be fed at 3 am I get up and feed him.
It doesn't matter if I want to go over to my friend's for dinner, if Carsen has struggled all day I know going would not be in his best interest.
It doesn't matter if I'm physically or emotionally drained, if he starts to cry it's my responsibility to comfort and care for his every need.

I won't lie.
I very often have to choose selflessness.
It's not like it comes natural.
I am a selfish human being after all.

This week my dear sister, Cambria, is getting married.
The Wedding Week is full with projects, parties to prepare for, and fun to be had.
Before Carsen, I could close the night out with the best of them, but now everything looks different.
No more late nights.
Just early nights, sitting in the dark, to ensure my boy gets a great night sleep.

And yet, I don't care.
I've never been more excited to loss my independence.
To give up my selfish ways.
To put someone else before me.

I love this little boy unconditionally.
And I can't imagine ever going back to my old individualistic ways.

I have much to learn about selflessness.
But Carsen has definitely given me a jump start.
And I look forward to the years ahead of him teaching me more.


  1. I loved seeing you be a mom. And I just loved seeing you.



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