Letter To Carsen: Month 3 | 92 Days

You LOVE splashing in the water!
Dear Bubbs,

Happy 3 months! You are growing up so fast! You are chubby and smile ALL THE TIME! You belly laugh and blow bubbles. You figured our your tongue and stick it out often.

You took your first international flight when you were two months and have met a million people since. And while its been a bit overwhelming for you and me, you have been a real trooper. Everyone says you are a happy, content and very active baby!

You are growing quickly! I call you my little giant. I'm not sure how much you weigh, but you are healthy and happy. Everyone says you look well fed!

You are grabbing objects now. Mostly my shirts when nursing and blankets, and your grip is strong! You got your tears this month and it breaks my heart when they fall down your sweet cheeks!

We dedicated you to / blessed you in the name of Jesus this month. Our friend, Barb, said she felt like God told her you'd be a kid magnet. That all the kids would come to you and want to be your friend. She said to be ready because we will have many children in our home because of you. WE PRAY THIS IS TRUE!

Sometimes your daddy and I come into your room at night and stare at you while you sleep. You are so beautiful and such a miracle. We just can't stop looking at you, even when you sleep. We love you so much and are so proud of you.

You love to swing. We spend many morning in my parents back yard swinging on their swing. The weather has been gorgeous, and you actually have fallen asleep outside in your daddy's arms a few times. I've had a rocker here in the states and rocked you to sleep nearly every single night. I LOVE IT, because it's extra snuggles for me. Not sure what we will do when we get back to South Africa!

One of my favorite things about you from the very beginning is how you stretch after waking up. You put your arms over your head and stick out your lip and belly and stretch super big. You do this while we hold you. I need to video it to remember.

Your daddy has started to lift you up into the air and you ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! You laugh and laugh and laugh. You have the best laugh EVER!!!

Carsen, you have brought so much joy and hope into my heart. You have no idea what a gift you have been to your daddy and me. I am soaking up each day, each hour and each moment with you because you will never be this little, this innocent and this dependent on me again. It's not about how fast we can get you to sleep on your own, or fitting you into our lives. You are a joyful addition to our family, therefore our lives have changed for the better.

Thank you for making our lives better. Richer. And far more exciting.

I love you bubbas,