Letter To Carsen: Month 2 | 61 Days

Happy two months Carsen boy! For your present, we flew you to the United States.

Currently, you are finally asleep in daddy's arms. I love looking at you. I could stare at you all day. I think you are the cutest human being ever. So innocent, so pure. It's simply beautiful.

You have your own little personality. Smiles, new noises and curious about your surroundings. And while you like people and exploring new places, you also like the security of home and the familiar. You are content laying on your changing mat at the end of our couch and looking around with no one around.

You are gaining weight, which makes your momma very happy! I love kissing your big cheeks and holding your chunky thighs. We pray each day your tummy issues resolve.

You are such a joy to be around. You make daddy and me so incredibly happy. I love our mornings together when it's just you and me. Sometimes we sing, other times we go for a walk along the ocean and watch the surfers in the morning light.

You are recognizing your mommy and daddy's voices now, and even laugh at us. The other day while daddy was washing your hair in the sink, you were looking at him and started cracking up. It was the best!

Your poo and farts are starting to have an odor. And it doesn't smell like roses.
We still are practicing picking your head up. Sometimes you like tummy times other times you don't. Your head is a bit wobbly, but I think soon you will be able to hold it up on your own soon.
You now suck your fist and every once in a while find your thumb.
You have grown out of most of your new born clothes, and beginning to fit into some of your 0-3 months.

You continually surprise us. Just when we think we have this parenting thing figured out, you throw us a curve ball. But there is no other little man we'd rather go through this journey with than you.

Little man, your mommy and daddy count it an honor to watch you grow and help mold you into the man you will be. Thank you for the privilege of being your mommy. We understand the seriousness of it all, and yet take each day with you as a gift from the Lord. You make us so happy. You fill our lives with such immense joy. Thank you.


P.S. You now weigh 5.1kg [11.24 lbs].

Daddy and I call you our little pterodactyl because of some of the noises you make.