Cooking, Or Lack There Of, With A Newborn | Straight Talk

Ok, you cannot judge me for what I'm about to write.
I'm slightly ashamed.
But only slightly.
Obviously, not enough to not share with the blogshere.

So here it goes: I cooked/baked for the first time last Friday since Carsen was born.
He's seven weeks old.
That's 47 days.

I can just imagine your eyes rolling and sarcastic comments under your breath.

I won't make too many excuses.
But you see, I never was much of a cook.
Before Carsen, when it was just the two of us, Kevin did most of the cooking.
I am more of an assistant to my husband when he lets me in the kitchen.

But once Carsen came, the thought of cooking became obsolete.
For a few days I'd even forget eating all together because I was so consumed with baby.

I cannot tell the difference between Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Saturday anymore.
And I no longer count the days in hours.
I only know the time as it pertains to when Carsen needs to eat.
And by his 7 p.m. feeding the day is nearly over, and I in no way have enough energy to make a dinner that will sustain Kevin and me.
So we order out.
Or deliver.
Thankfully take away costs the same or even less than cooking your own food. [TIA baby!]

I did start making myself breakfast.
Insert pat-on-the-back.

I stopped eating dairy in hopes it will help Carsen's tummy issues; so I ditched my normal morning routine of muesli and yogurt.
Instead, I roast seasoned potatoes, and scramble eggs with sauteed mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes.
I'm no Julia Childs but I'm fairly proud of my non-cooking self.

We head back to the states on the 11th of July [a week from today!] to introduce Carsen to the United States of America.
Food will be provided in all it's glory and I won't have to cook for another 2.5 months. OK, maybe a few times, but I won't be alone in the kitchen.
But once we come back, I won't have the excuse of having a new baby to throw around.
I'll make the long walk back into the kitchen and try to get creative.

Recipes are welcome.
Leave a comment if you have a good one!

And just so everyone knows, I baked banana muffins.
About 5 minutes of prep time, and 20 minutes baking.
I didn't say I slaved over what I baked.


  1. Any time you need a recipe or menu suggestion, let me know what ingredients you're working with and I'll be glad to give some suggestions. I'm usually on Face Book from 7:30 to 4:30 CST or Bernadette is on in the evenings and I'm home then. Either one will get to me in short order. Blessings on you and your family.Tom Beattie

    1) Buy a whole cooked chicken one day and accessorize with side dishes for a meal. The next day, shred leftover chicken and serve with lettuce and tomatoes and tortilla chips and canned pinto/black beans (refried or whole). Extras to add--avocados, lemon/lime juice. Think "assembly" instead of cooking. You could probably serve that cold and still enjoy it. Just drain the beans if they are whole!
    2)Chop potatoes, carrots, celery, cabbage, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes into chunks. Use whatever veggies you enjoy. Then put them into a plastic bag with a bit of oil and herb seasoning and shake it around to coat everything. Then bake it in the oven for a yummy roasted vegetable medley.
    3) Make spaghetti with canned/bottled sauce, but for more nutrition, add frozen spinach into the red sauce as you heat it. Spread garlic butter on top of English muffins that just came out of the toaster.


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