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Every new mommy wants to know she looks skinny and her baby looks chunky. Never get these two mixed up. Ever.

I'm not sure about other first time mommies, but I'm an over-the-top worrier [Just yesterday, my husband had to calm me down by helping me take slow deep breaths while watching Lost. I got scared our plane was going to crash with our baby boy on board]. Who cares that I rarely stressed pre-baby because post-baby it's all I do. Yes I know I'm to cast all my anxiety and fears onto the Lord, but somewhere between "is my son's poop color ok?" and "is he getting enough to eat?" I forget that verse.

It's like Carsen was born, and I turned into some crazy distressed mama bear that thinks the world is ending when her baby boy makes a noise.

Did his finger fall off?
Maybe his head?
Is that a diaper rash?
Is he still breathing?

But, nothing worries me more right now than his weight.
Growing up, I never obsessed over or cared about my weight.
I ate whatever I wanted and sports took care of the rest.
But when it comes to my baby, as a mom, I take pride and joy in hearing he is gaining weight.
It means he is growing big and strong and it's because I AM sustaining him with my milk.

In the baby business, there is this magical percentage, known as "the normal", that dictates every baby's perfect weight and divides those that are gaining well from those that are not. This line on a chart can cause immense stress to a mommy each week her baby gets weighed. You never want your baby to be below "the normal" weight on the scale.

The thing is, and no one ever says this, that "normal" weight is not normal.
In fact, "the normal" is not actually normal, it's the minority.
When it comes to weight gain, feeding and sleeping all babies are different making it hard to find a normal.
You simply cannot compare the progress of babies on one simple weight chart.
It only leads to crazy worried mommies.

Poor Carsen has had a rough few weeks. He, like many babies his age, has tummy issues because of his immature digestive system. Plus we found out on Friday he had thrush. Ugh. These issues made his appetite decrease with shorter feeds. So his weight gain this last week was a bit slower.

Besides that, Carsen is built different that this "normal" baby all the doctors talk about. [Side note: Has anyone ever seen this magically perfect "normal" baby?] He is gaining weight, sleeping well, dirtying enough diapers and thriving when awake.


So, I'm throwing out this "normal" weight talk and taking each day as it comes. Knowing my boy will crawl when he's ready, eat when he's ready and sleep when he's ready. As my dear friend, Laura, said, "My job is to feed, love and encourage him and the rest is up to nature and God."

Word of advice to new moms: Don't routine yourself and baby too much… you'll just stress out when things change up.


  1. I can't wait to meet this cute little fellow-chunky, normal or whatever. He's Carsen!


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