Community Eats

My friend, Bethany, lives here in South Africa with her husband and three boys. She started a blog a while back called Community Eats and has asked Kevin to help turn it into a Web site.

This is from her "about me" page: Over and over through these past 5 years of marriage and ministry, we have seen the Lord encounter people in our the kitchen and around the dinner table. This is one of the ways the Lord continues to lead us to minister in here in South Africa. CommunityEats is bringing together not only our team, but also those from Masi and beyond whom we are sharing Jesus with and discipling.

In time you will hear their stories, and learn to cook their crazy food too! This page is a mix of my own recipes, my experiences raising a family in missions, and of the journey the Lord has the Comm Trans South Africa community on. I’m excited to share what God is doing in our midst and the amazing things we are creating in our kitchens!

Bethany, asked Cami and I to take some photos for her new site and I wanted to post a few from our time with her.

photo by Cami

photo by Cami