You Are My Sunshine

While home for Christmas and last minute packing, my dear friends Sarah, Steph and Jenni threw baby G and me a baby shower. It was such a great time catching up with dear friends I have not seen in a long time and celebrating the little life growing inside of me.

My two friends, Jenni and Casey took photos for me and I am now able to post them to my blog.

I loved every gift I received for baby G, but my favorite is in a package on its way to me. Sarah, Steph and Jenni cut little fabric squares and had everyone write a message to me and baby. Then my sweet sister-in-law, Karen, sewed them together into a quilt. It's will forever be special to my heart. Please pray it makes it into my arms.

Thank you to everyone who came and made this day so special for me. I can't wait to love on my baby boy with all the sweet gifts we were given. I feel truly loved and blessed.

 My sweet friend, Lexie, made my baby shower cupcakes... I LOVE cupcakes!

 Londyn was a great help handing and helping me open presents.

 I think Casey told us to give our expressions of when I go into labor... I have felt from the beginning that labor and delivery will not hurt too bad... Hence my expression of sheer joy :)

 Jenni, Sarah and Steph. My girls that threw my shower!

 Gayle and my mom. No they are not sisters, just good friends.

My sweet, amazing, dear friend Casey. She is a great mom to a little dude. And I can't wait to have a little dude of my own!

Once the quilt arrives I will take a photo and post it.