Week 36/37

Dearest baby boy,
We had our 36 week check up with an OBGYN at a hospital this week.

It was the first time we saw you since week 22, when we found out you were a boy. You are much bigger and we are sure you are a boy! You are perfect. About 7ish pounds and measuring just right. Although you do have a big head like your father. And you are in the perfect position for delivery.

The doctor was very pleased with everything. Although she still made me do a 24 hr pee test. They gave me a very large jug, which I had to pee into in for 24 hrs. EVERY LAST DROP FROM EVERY TIME I WENT in a 24 hour period. It was weird and gross. But she just wanted to make sure my protein levels weren't too high.

Our apartment is coming together for your arrival. We are borrowing a co-sleeper and I have it made and ready for your arrival. Our sweet friends, Karl & Julie, are having to leave South Africa for a few months and letting us use/store some of their furniture: box springs for our mattress, comfy chair, lamps, and a few end tables. It is beginning to feel and look like a home in our apartment. We are very blessed.

Our friends Hans and Susan just had their baby boy, Jens. We were in our birthing class together. We went over to visit when Jens was just a few days old. While your daddy and I held him we could not believe that in just a few short weeks we would be holding you! The reality of you coming is here and we take the job very serious.

We had lunch with Isaac and Deby yesterday and talked a lot about parenting. What values we want to raise you with and how we want to parent. There is so much to think about. Baby boy, know we love you so much, and I'm sometimes terrified of screwing up. But the one thing I do know, is if I continue to go to the Lord, and listen to His Holy Spirit, I can't go wrong.

Today, Saturday, we are 37 weeks which means full term and you could come any time now and be healthy. But you stay put for the next three weeks if you need it... but if you only need two, well we won't complain ;)

We love you baby boy and we wait patiently for you,
Mommy & Daddy


  1. stay put for three weeks...or five weeks!

  2. what i mean is, he can if he wants. it's such a crazy expectant feeling knowing that baby can come any minute within the next five weeks


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