Week 33/34

Dear Son,
Just 6 weeks [give or take] until we see you! The time has flown by. However, as the day gets closer  it feels as if time is slowing down. I think all the anticipation and excitement make it feel that way.

Mommy and daddy have been going to birthing classes on Tuesday nights. Susan, our instructor, teaches us all kinds of things about the birth process and how we can succeed in delivering you! Minus some disturbing videos, your daddy and I have a lot of fun. We've met some really nice families in our class too and hopefully we can set up some play dates in the future. Who knows, these could be some of your best friends... But no pressure!

We celebrated Easter with our community by having a progressive dinner. We started at our home with a Parfait bar. It was such a fun time eating, talking and walking from house to house.

Baby, I cannot wait to celebrate holidays with you and start our own traditions. I love holidays because it forces the world [at least most of it] to recognize certain aspects of our Lord.

On Monday, the day after Easter, our community had an amazing morning time of worship. I cannot wait for you to be a part of these times, even when you are just a little baby. I know you will feel the presence of God.

"I am heavy, but my heart is steady. Give us patience and long suffering. This cross I carry, I carry freely. If my suffering life proves redemptive, let it be. I am heavy, but my heart is steady."

We sang this and the Lord reminded me that He is the same. My heart can be steady even in the valley because He is steady. His unconditional love in unchanging. His truth is unchanging. We have HOPE in a God that is steady in who He says He is. We have HOPE in a living God. We have HOPE because He conquered death.


The midwives are taking extra care of you and me these last few weeks before you are born. My protein levels are a bit high [not too high] and they want to make sure my levels don't get out of control. We have many people praying for both you and me. And your daddy and I are keeping close tabs on my BP and your heart beat. Everything is looking fine. I have another protein test today.

Baby G, we love love love you so much.
We cannot wait to meet you.
We speak life, wholeness and complete health over you in the name of Jesus.
You are so special and have such a great destiny ahead of you.

Mommy & Daddy