Soft Reeds

Check out my brother-in-law's band, "Soft Reeds", in this sweet video.
[Ben is the lead singer]

They just finished their second album, "Blank City" but need to get it the proper release and promotion it deserves. Please check out their Indiegogo Campaign. You will be helping this amazing band, and they will give you some sweet perks in return for your generosity. There is just three days left in their Indiegogo Campaign, so act now!

Help a great band from Kansas City launch their new album with an amazing support base!

What Ben says on their Indiegogo Campaign:

Hello Darling...

We are a band called Soft Reeds, from a town called Kansas City.  We just finished making a new album, called "Blank City", that we are desperately proud of, but we sunk everything.. and i mean everything.. into making it.  We were fortunate to work in a great studio with a great producer, but now we need your help to give it the proper release and promotion that we all feel it deserves.  Right now we are looking at opportunities to tour like crazy, collaborate with cool filmmakers on music videos, get the album publicized in all forms of media, and, most importantly, distribute it to record stores nationwide.  Great albums slip by unnoticed all the time because there isn't the support base needed to give them a real chance.  We're asking for your help to keep that from happening, and to give us the opportunity for broad nationwide exposure.

What We Need & What You Get

So what are we looking for?  Ten grand.  Oh god that seems like so much.  I feel weird asking for it.  Eek.  Nonetheless, here's the breakdown of what we need:
$2000 for manufacturing and distribution.
$2000 to shoot two music videos.
$1000 for publicity, press, and a radio push.
$1000 for merch like t-shirts, stickers, kitty cat posters, etc.
$4000 to get us into a van and on tour.

What's in it for you?  Don't get me started!  The perks include: 
Pre-release digital copies!
Limited edition cassette release with exclusive artwork!
T-Shirts and Stickers!
One-of-a-kind posters!
Being in one of our music videos!
Knowing looks!
Free Soft Reeds shows!
Coffee chats!
House shows!

Other Ways You Can Help

Please, just share this and tell your friends about it.  It means the world to us.  Thank you!

Soft Reed's Indiegogo Campaign.


  1. Jono LOVES shooting bands so if they are ever in the Toronto area and need some sweet pics....!



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