Prayers for Lavender Hill & Our Community

The other day, Kevin and I received a text from our friend Steve that said: "Hey friends, just passing on a pressing prayer request for Lavender Hill. Anna called just now to let me know a police officer was shot yesterday in their neighborhood and it's caused a deep wound to open up. As she says, "something very devastating is brewing"... so she asked us to pray! Thus pray we shall! Please hold her and all of Lavender in your hearts tonight and maybe we can get together in the next few days to intercede... Not really sure what else to do, so we can at least stand in prayerful solidarity."

Here is a news bulletin of the incident.

Lavender Hill is a struggling township within Cape Town plagued with gang rivalry and violence. It is not uncommon for 14 and 15 year olds to have multiple attempted murders to their names.

And it is this place our community is choosing to "land."

Anna, a resident of Lavender Hill and our person of PEACE, holds a Bible study every Wednesday for youth within the township. Unfortunately, once the boys hit 14-15 years of age, they no longer can come because Anna can not care for that many youth at one time.

She's been praying for men to come and mentor these teenage men.

Then our community met Anna, and our men are attending these Bible studies. And while they aren't the answer to end the violence, they are the answer to Anna's prayers. Our men can mentor, love on and lead these young men at a very fragile time in their life, when gangs via for their attention.

On Friday our community got together and prayed for Anna, the young men and for Lavender Hill as a whole. During our prayer time the Lord gave me a picture of His hand with a shovel in it. He was making a big hole over Lavender Hill. When I asked what He was doing, the Lord said He was tilling the ground. He was digging out the evil and making the dirt new and good. He then switched scenes on me and I saw the shovel and our community. The Lord said to me that whatever we want to see happen in Lavender must happen in our hearts first as a community. Meaning if we want to see the evil lifted out of Lavender, we must first rid our hearts of the evil inside us each. Whatever that may be. Pride, bitterness, resentment, anger, etc. Rid the evil from your own hearts and you will begin to see Lavender transformed.

So my prayer is just that. God, rid our hearts of the evil that holds revival back. Rid our hearts of that which is not of you. Rid our hearts so you may dwell inside. And in doing that, may the same be true for Lavender. Would you rid hearts of evil and restore Lavender Hill. May it be a place of peace, and would you till the ground until it stands as an Eden in this land. Amen.