Fatty McButterPants

I was looking through my blog and deleting drafts that I never actually posted and came across this post I wrote just a few days before I found out I was pregnant... I like to now think I wasn't actually fat, but rather my body was changing due to the human being growing inside of me. I'm sticking with that story.

You can laugh with me now, reading through this post and realizing the whole time I wrote this my son was growing inside of me.

Let's be honest, I gained some weight on the mainland.
My parents, my in laws and our friends fed me like it was my last chance to eat.
Steak, fish, hamburgers [we like our "meat & potatoes" in the Midwest, OK]
And I should probably mention our frequent "cupcake stops" on our 2,500 mile road trip... Oops!

I did lose a lot of weight in the previous months being in South Sudan and Hawaii.
But let's face it, I am a fatty and I need to lose my mainland weight and gain muscle.

I recently got into cycling. My husband was a big cyclist in his day and it's something we can do together. I LOVE it. I love pushing myself and I'm looking forward to seeing my time decrease and speed increase. We have already biked 25 miles from Target to Kua Bay and back. This will happen more frequently, and hopefully further distances.

We just bought a scale that records weight, body fat %, and water %. Because if I'm losing body fat but not weight, then I'm making muscle which means I could enter an arm wrestling tournament and kick everyone's butt.

I'm using an app called MyFitnessPal to calculate my calories. I'm not like those crazy people, but it does help me with what I eat, as well as make sure I eat enough on days I work out.

Other apps I am using to help lose the unnecessary fat:

Just yesterday a friend of mine text me and asked if I wanted to do the Lavaman Triathlon in November. It's a .9 miles swim, 25 mile bike, and 6 mile run. I'm tempted. Intrigued. Can I do it?

If I am to participate in the Lavaman, I will need to switch up my schedule to put in some good running and swimming time.

I need to decide soon...