Week 26/27 Letter to the Little One

Dear Son,

Sometimes I really believe you uses my rib cage as your personal jungle gym and my liver as a trampoline. Your daddy tells me it's impossible. Something about how you cannot stick your hand outside my uterus, into my liver and out the other side to hang on my rib cage. But I'm not convinced.

We visited a midwife this week, and we are pretty sure we will do a home birth with you. We are praying for a smooth delivery for you and mommy both. We just need to find a place to call home before you decide to greet the world, so we can actually have a home birth.

We heard your heart beat at our appointment, 140 H/R, and the midwife could feel your head. You are getting bigger and so am I!

You kick often [which I love].
Mommy & daddy continue to talk with you, and sing you to sleep at night.

While we don't necessarily have the money, nor will you probably have your own room this first year, mommy continues to look online at nursery/baby ideas. As crazy as it sounds, looking on Pintrest helps me nest and prepare for you when I can't actually nest in a home yet.

We have an application in for an unfurnished one bedroom apartment. If we are approved we can move in March 1. On Monday, mommy and daddy are going dumpster diving with our friend Deby to find wood to build furniture. We will hopefully borrow a bed mattress until we can buy our own. YWAM is so fun because people work together on low budgets to make a house a home. It breeds generosity, a trait that will be passed on to you.

Baby boy, we love you so much.
I dream of you often.
And smile when I think about you.

We wait patiently for your arrival baby boy.
Mommy & Daddy