Week 24/25 Letter to the Little One

Dear Baby boy,

It's been one week and three days since we landed in South Africa, and the one world to describe our time thus far: H.U.M.B.L.I.N.G.

For you, South Africa will be home. You will know nothing but Cape Town and the South African way. Yes, you will have influences of America, after all your parents have a US passport. But your home will be this beautifully diverse land. You will know the metric system, you will count money in Rand and won't worry about converting to dollars, you will most likely have a cute South African accent, and you will call street lights robots and think nothing of it.

But for us, your parents, we feel lost as the moment, as this nation will B.E.C.O.M.E. our home. We know nothing, it's all unknown and a bit scary. Don't worry, we will be fine, and by the time you come in May we will be well settled and more confident in our new way of life.

We are currently looking for a home for our growing family, a car and a place to have you delivered. We are learning to trust the Lord on a whole new level, and that our security rests in Him alone. 

"If you believe I am sovereign over every aspect of your life, it is possible to trust me in all situations." - God

You did such a great job on our flight over from Omaha. I threw up on just one flight and my back only hurt a little bit. When we first landed I was a bit anxious, not sure if I could feel you kick. After a few days your daddy helped calm me down, drink some juice, put our hands on my belly and felt you kick. Now I feel you kick all the time. Just like mommy and daddy, I believe you had a bit of jet lag to get over.

Mommy and daddy are so excited for you to come and love talking to you. Daddy sometimes even sings to you in a crazy voice. Once you are out, you will laugh at him because he is so silly. We think and pray about you constantly. You are so loved.

Mommy & Daddy