Week 22

Dear little one,

This week we found out you are a BOY!!!

Our little blessing!

Our friend, Lindsey, offered to do an ultrasound at the AAA Pregnancy center to find out your gender. We went and let me tell you, the facilities was 10x better than the doctor we saw in Hawaii. Really nice equipment, warm environment, nice people and the biggest screen to watch you swim around in my belly!

Little boy, you are a miracle. You are beautiful. And you are active! Daddy new you were a boy right away. He said it before the nurse even did. I said, "Oh look the umbilical cord" and both daddy and the nurse said, "that isn't the cord." It was very clear you were a healthy boy.

Your daddy kisses and talks to you every day

Daddy and I couldn't be happier.
Some people say finding out ruins the surprise.
I say no! It was just as much of a surprise now and then when you come out it will be another surprise to put a face to the boy who we love dearly.

Mommy, daddy and you leave for South Africa in three days. It's a bit crazy and overwhelming. Last night we were in bed talking, and we want you to know that we made this decision to move across the ocean with you in mind. We didn't just decided as mommy and daddy. We decided as mommy, daddy and our little one.

Your mommy and daddy love each other very much

Someday in the near future, when you can talk, you will help make big decisions like this. In YWAM, we firmly believe in family making decisions together [including the kids]. We believe that God can speak to anyone, especially children. So know, we care what the Lord is speaking to you.

You are definitely special. People have been praying for you with their hand on my belly. You even made Lisa from Hope City cry. She said she hasn't cried while praying for anyone in YEARS before and said there is something special about that baby inside you. I AGREE!

 Daddy makes mommy laugh all the time
Tip #1 of many more to come: Marry your best friend

Your generation will be like nothing we've ever seen before. I believe you all will live in the prophetic giftings likes we've never experienced and it will be you and your friends ushering the return of Jesus.

Oh! When mommy and daddy found out you were a boy, they went a little crazy buying clothes. But there were so many sales and everything was so cute. It is like little daddy clothes for you which mommy absolutely loves! We also bought you your first stuffed animal, which ironically was the same type of bear that was mommy's first [a panda bear].

 We definitely have a sense of humor, which you will learn as you get older

You are kicking more. I feel you often, nearly every day, and daddy was able to feel you the other day. We love knowing you are making yourself known!

Daddy and I think we figured out your name, but we aren't telling anyone. However, we are calling you by the name when it is just us, and have to be very careful to not let your name slip when we are around others!

 We like to kiss

Know this my son, we wait for you with excitement. You are so wanted and loved. Know we will care for you with our greatest ability. You make us so happy and we can't wait to introduce you to the world.

 This photo is one of my favorites from this week

Mommy + Daddy